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What is a balance transfer credit card? It is just what its name says. A credit card where you can transfer an existing balance from one or more cards over to a new one. There are many reason and if done correctly, a credit card balance transfer could save you a lot of money. First off, in order to qualify for a balance transfer card you need to have good to excellent credit. If you do not have good credit, then work on improving your credit and then you can see if you qualify for one of the best balance transfer offers available. A balance transfer credit card allows you to move your current credit card debt over to a new card where you will receive an intro APR rate that will most likely be less than the interest rate you are paying now. Also, if you have debt on multiple cards, then it will allow you to consolidate all of them onto one card so that you can make 1 payment a month. Making your financial life simpler. 
If you are the owner of an American Express card then you have the option to purchase presale tickets to great events and the possibility of getting preferred seating options through Just for purchasing your tickets with your AMEX card. Being an cardholder comes with lots of American Express benefits, and one of them is having access to American Express Presale Tickets. This allows you access to tickets to certain events before they go on sale for the general public. And for certain cardholders you have access to preferred seating, allowing you to choose from seats only offered to certain Amex cardholder members. 
Thursday, 13 March 2014 16:07

The Under 30 Guide to Retirement Funds

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So you haven’t reached the big 3-0 yet? If your worse fear is turning 30, then imagine how you will feel when you turn 60 and top that off with having a less than stellar retirement fund. One of the great things about being young is that you can start funding a retirement account that will continue to grow for at least the next 30 years. 30 years may seem like along way off. But waiting to contribute to your retirement fund could cost you a lot of money in the end, and possibly change the lifestyle that you want to live when you choose to retire. Buy choosing to invest in a retirement fund at a young age you can take advantage of things like company matched contributions and compounding interest. Which can play a big role in the size of your retirement fund when you are ready to stop working. 
Thursday, 06 March 2014 18:25

Your Debit Card Could Cost You Time and Money

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One of the most popular ways to pay for things is with plastic. And by plastic we mean a debit or credit card. And one thing that both of these have in common is your checking account. Almost everyone these days has a checking account where they keep their money that they use to spend on whatever they need. If you use a debit card to make your purchases then you will have that money immediately withdrawn from your account. If you use a credit card to purchase something then you will pay your bill at the end of the month, most likely, with money from your checking account. Using either one of these methods will get you the same result as far as buying something. But if you choose to use your debit card, then you are missing out on two important features that credit cards offer that could save you a lot of time and money. 

There is one thing that all college students have in common, and that is they are working towards a goal that they will pursue for the rest of their lives. A college degree gives you the knowledge and ability to apply for a career that you will work at for a good portion of your life. But there is also something else that you will be working on the rest for your life, and that is your credit score. A good credit score gives you many more options than a bad score does. And a good credit score can also save you a great deal of money over your lifetime as well. By being a college student you have the opportunity to get your credit score started off right and in much easier way then if you wait until after you graduate.

Thursday, 27 February 2014 18:49

Review: American Express Charge Cards

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Ask any current American Express charge card holder about their card, and they'll probably tell you it’s their most widely used credit/charge card they've ever had. That is, assuming it is accepted at all of the places they normally shop. American Express is not the most widely accepted card, the main reason being, they charge a higher fee per transaction to the merchants than other credit cards do. But, as a cardholder, you can reap the benefits of this extra money in the form of rewards and added features on your card. If you enjoy added benefits, easily redeemable rewards, traveling or attending special events, then take a look at the group of American Express charge cards to see the benefits you may have been missing.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 19:04

Who Doesn’t Like Rewards?

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If you are in the market for a rewards credit card then there are a lot of things to consider before deciding which card is right for you. In order to qualify for a rewards credit card you will most likely have to have good to excellent credit. Therefore your main goal is not to improve your credit, but to earn as many rewards for the money that you spend as possible. Now these rewards are tempting and can have the ability to make you spend more money than you normally would. So don’t let a rewards credit card be your excuse to spend more money, let it be the reason you get paid back for the money that you have to spend.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:23

The Benefits of Online Savings Accounts

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Who doesn’t like the idea of earning more money? And what if you could earn more money without doing an extra work? Well, if you do not have an on online savings account then this is exactly what you are missing out on. This is not a too good to be true product or something that takes a lot of work to utilize. It is basically the same savings account product that your current bank offers, except that you earn more interest on the money that you have saved.   
Thursday, 06 February 2014 19:20

Casavvy Study: Best Cities to Find a Job in Florida

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If you currently live in the Sunshine State or are considering moving there, then these are the best cities to visit and look for work. The State of Florida had an increase of 2.6% in labor force over the past year and we will show you some of the best cities where hiring is taking place. 
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:10

Stop Using Your Checkbook to Buy Groceries

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It’s hard thing to imagine, but buying groceries with your checkbook is costing you money. It also takes time and effort to make sure that your checkbook is balanced correctly. By utilizing a credit card that gives you cash back bonuses for buying your groceries, you could end up saving on your bill at checkout and not having to worry about your checking account balance. Now before you write off credit cards all together, lets look at how a credit card and your checkbook can be viewed as exactly the same thing.