Casavvy Review – Discover It® Cards

Discover has taken what was once a large family of credit cards and reduced them down to a small handful of options that offer cash back for the purchases that you make. You have your choice of deciding between a Discover rewards cash back card that offers cash back bonuses in rotating categories that change [...]

Your Direct Deposit Form is an Easy Way to Earn More Money

At the end of the day who doesn’t like to earn more money? Well, you can use your direct deposit form at work to do just that. If you don’t already utilized direct deposit for your paycheck at work then you should. It is an easy way to have your paycheck deposit directly in the [...]

Stop Using Your Checkbook to Buy Groceries

It’s hard thing to imagine, but buying groceries with your checkbook is costing you money. It also takes time and effort to make sure that your checkbook is balanced correctly. By utilizing a credit card that gives you cash back bonuses for buying your groceries, you could end up saving on your bill at checkout [...]

Casavvy Study: Best Cities to Find a Job in Florida

If you currently live in the Sunshine State or are considering moving there, then these are the best cities to visit and look for work. The State of Florida had an increase of 2.6% in labor force over the past year and we will show you some of the best cities where hiring is taking [...]

The Benefits of Online Savings Accounts

Who doesn’t like the idea of earning more money? And what if you could earn more money without doing an extra work? Well, if you do not have an on online savings account then this is exactly what you are missing out on. This is not a too good to be true product or something that takes [...]

Who Doesn’t Like Rewards?

If you are in the market for a rewards credit card then there are a lot of things to consider before deciding which card is right for you. In order to qualify for a rewards credit card you will most likely have to have good to excellent credit. Therefore your main goal is not to improve [...]

Review: American Express Charge Cards

Ask any current American Express charge card holder about their card, and they’ll probably tell you it’s their most widely used credit/charge card they’ve ever had. That is, assuming it is accepted at all of the places they normally shop. American Express is not the most widely accepted card, the main reason being, they charge [...]