Capital One Quicksilver – $100 Sign Up Bonus

Capital One Quicksilver Card

This offered was viewed as being available as of 6/1/16

The Capital One Quicksilver Card offers 1.5% cash back on all of the purchases that you make. There are no limits on how much you can earn and no need to make sure you are shopping in certain categories to earn your rewards. All of this with no annual fee makes this one of the best cash back cards available now. Plus the opportunity to earn a $100 cash back bonus after spending $500 in the first 3 months makes this deal even better.

Quicksilver Capital One Card Bonus has partnered with and their Card Match Program to give you targeted credit card offers specifically for you. All you do is enter some brief information about yourself and you can see offers that you are most likely to qualify for. There is no hard check on your credit so you can feel free to check as much as you like. Included in these offers could be many credit card sign up bonuses that you haven’t seen before including the $100 sign up bonus for the Quicksilver Card from Capital One.  Check to see what offers you have access to through the CardMatch offer below and be on your way to earning more cash back for the money that you are spending.



Other Capital One Quicksilver Benefits

This Capital One card comes with 0% APR on all purchases made before May 2016 and 0% APR on all balance transfers up until May 2016. After May 2016 you will start paying interest on any balance still on your card and any amount of a balance transfer that is left over. If you are considering this card for the sole purpose of a balance transfer then there are better options available that offer 0% APR on balance transfers and come with no balance transfer fee.

There are no foreign transaction fees when you use this  Capital One Rewards Card as well as access to Capital One Credit Tracker. An option that allows you to monitor your credit score anytime, free of charge. The CapitalOne Quicksilver card has also teamed up with Uber to give customers a 20% statement credit for all rides taken through April 2016.

The Quicksilver Capital One card is also a Visa Signature card which means that you can enjoy upgrades and special savings at hotels, resorts, spas, and more. You also are covered by 100% fraud protection for any unauthorized purchases made to your card as well as extended warranties on the items you use your Quicksilver Card to purchase.

All of these options for no annual fee along with the one of the best cash rewards rates available make the Capital One Quicksilver Card a great option for someone with good credit looking to get their first or upgrade their current credit card.

Again be sure to check our  free partnered CardMatch Tool to see what cards you are being targeted for, which may include the CapitalOne Quicksilver Card and the $100 sign up bonus.