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Prepaid cards can give you the convenience of playing with plastic while not worrying about spending money that you do not have. They also allow you to preload money onto them and then spend that money just like you would with a credit card. Unlike a debit card that is attached to your checking account and withdraws the amount that you are spending each time it is used. Prepaid cards are attached to an account that you deposit money into upfront and then that money is withdrawn each time it is used to purchase something.

There are some key differences between debit cards and prepaid cards. Because debit cards are attached to your bank account there are no fees when using your debit card. Some fees can be incurred if you overdraw your account, but some allow you to set up your account to decline your card if there is not enough money available. Also, some debit cards offer cash back and other rewards when you use them to make purchases. Prepaid cards work as a debit card without a bank account attached to them. These cards usually come with fees that can charge you for various things, such as reloading and monthly maintenance fees. But with prepaid cards is not possible to overdraw your account, saving you overdraft fees and preventing you from spending money that you do not have. However, prepaid cards almost never come with any sort of rewards program.

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