JetBlue Is Giving Away 100,000 TrueBlue Points To Celebrate The Eclipse

JetBlue is not shy in letting everyone know that it never has any blackout dates when redeeming TrueBlue Points for rewards flights. Not even the blackout from the solar eclipse on Monday August 21st, 2017 can stop them. To celebrate they are giving away 100,000 TrueBlue points to one lucky winner who enters. 100,000 TrueBlue points could be worth well over $1,000 in travel and considering how easy it is to enter, it’s worth playing the odds to see if you’ll win.

Enter to Win 100,000 TrueBlue Points from JetBlue

All you need to do is go to JetBlue’s event page, The JetBlue No Blackout Non-Eclipse Non-Event, on Facebook and indicate you will be “Going”. JetBlue even got creative in describing the event as follows


“RSVP to nothing for a shot at 100,000 TrueBlue points.

At JetBlue, we don’t believe in blackout dates. And that got us thinking… if Monday’s blackout is the biggest in recent history, then we don’t believe in it either. 

So that total solar eclipse? Totally made up. 

Join us and see the light August 21, 2017 as we gather to celebrate nothing — no eclipse, no seat restrictions, no expiring points, and most importantly, no blackout dates when redeeming points on JetBlue flights with TrueBlue, JetBlue’s loyalty program.

Eclipse or not, RSVP “Going” now for a chance to win a very real 100,000 TrueBlue points and non-event, non-party favors. They never expire. So you can use them from now until the next non-eclipse, which is forever.”

You can also find the official rules for the sweepstakes here

Here at Casavvy we love getting the most value out the money we spend. This giveaway from JetBlue is truly a “get something for nothing” type of deal, even if the odds are a long shot. After you enter if you want a much better shot at scoring some free and discounted airline tickets, then check out the current offers that are available for Travel Rewards Credit Cards. You might find that your next “non-event” trip is not that far out of reach.