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09 May

Look to Your Credit Card to Save Money for Mothers Day Gifts

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If you are still thinking about what you should get mom for Mothers Day, then look no further than your online credit card account to find that perfect gift and, in some cases, earn some extra savings in the process. Almost all major credit card companies have online shopping sites that include hundreds of the most popular vendors and brands. And by shopping through your credit cards shopping site (we will show you which brands have these), you could earn extra rewards for the things that you were going to buy anyways. Now lets breakdown some of the major credit card brands and the merchandise and bonuses that they offer for that special gift you are getting this Mothers Day.

Citi has a wonderful ThankYou rewards program that allows you to shop online and earn bonus points for the things you buy. You can go over to, login to your account and browse the hundreds of vendors that are offering bonus points, just for connecting to their site through your Citi account. Here are some of the bonuses that are currently available.


- Earn 10 ThankYou points for every $1 that you spend at
- Earn 12 ThankYou points for every $1 you spend at
- Earn 10 ThankYou points for every $1 you spend at
- Earn 5 ThankYou points for every $1 you spend at


Discovers offers rewards in the form of cash back. They have a great online mall where you can go to shop the most popular vendors and earn cash back instantly when you shop through the Discover cash back bonus part of your account. Here are some of the great cash back offers that you can use for Mothers Day.


- Shop and receive 20% cash back
- Shop Bath and Body Works and receive 5% cash back
- Shop Coach and receive 10% cash back
- Shop and receive 5% cash back
- Shop Vera Bradley and receive 10% cash back

These are just a few of the cash back rewards available now. You can view all of your options here or by logging into your Discover account.


Capital One
Capital One has variety of rewards cards of which the main ones earn you miles or cash back. Obviously if you have a Capital cash back rewards card, you can use your cash back to buy anything that you want. But if you have a Capital One credit card that earns miles, then there are some options for mom that you can use them for. Capital One does not have a "bonus" shopping website where you can receive discounts for different items but we will breakdown some of the items that they do have available and the points that it will take to obtain them.


- Ruth Chris $50 Gift Card is 5,000 points
- Set of 4 personal wine decanters costs 3,250 points
- Tumi Tegra-lite carry-on bag costs 48,250 points
- Capresso Espresso machine w/ cup warmer costs 134,000 points

Note: You have to have a Capital One account to view these items and the points it will take to get them.


American Express
Unfortunately American Express has discontinued their "bonus points" website where you could shop online and earn extra points for the things that you want to buy. One thing that they still have is the ability to use the points that you have already accumulated and use them to buy gifts you want from some of the most popular vendors. And American Express runs discounts throughout the year on merchandise and the amount of points it takes to get them. Here are some examples of the current discounted gifts that you can buy and the points that it will take to get them.


- Acer 23" widescreen monitor was 42,400 points and is now 37,630
- Brell Baguette Ladies Watch was 39,300 points and is now 35,520
- Hartmann carryon spinner luggage bag was 45,230 points and is now 37,390
- Vivitar HD digital camera was 14,450 and is now 12,410

Note: If you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner AMEX has 11 of them at discounts now. But it's probably not a good idea to give that to your mom for Mothers Day.


With all of the options that are available you should be able to find your mom the perfect Mothers Day gift no matter what credit card you have. Listed in this post are just a handful of the options that are available. So right now, for Mothers Day, and in the future be sure to log into your credit card account and look at the deals and merchandise that are being offered to help you save money.

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