OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card Review

OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

If you are looking for a secured credit card that will help you get your credit score back on track, then the OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card is a great option. Secured credit cards work in the same way that regular credit cards work, expect that you need to put down a deposit upfront that will act as collateral in the case that you fail to make your payments. This OpenSky Secured Credit Card uses your deposit to represent your credit limit, which is important because your credit limit can be a huge factor in improving your credit score. In order to work towards a better credit score you want to stay under 30% of your credit limit. Many people assume that they can spend up to what their credit limit is and that is not good to making your credit score better. If you are going to use this OpenSky Secured Visa credit card to boost your credit score, and you know that you will put a certain balance on it each month, make sure your deposit (aka credit limit) is well above what that monthly total will be. With that being said, there is no need to worry, as you will get your deposit back once your credit score has improved and you decide to close out your “good standing” OpenSky Secured Visa credit card account. Then you will be a prime example of what secured credit cards, such as this OpenSky Secured Credit Card, are meant for. Using them to improve your credit score, for free, as long as you pay on time and in full, and utilizing them to get you back to being able to qualify for any financial options you want.

OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card Features

- Reports to all 3 credit bureaus

- No application fees

- Accepted everywhere Visa is

- No approval process or credit check required

- Credit limit depends on your deposit. $200 – $3,000

- Your deposit is completely refundable

- Credit Education through the Open Sky website

Use This OpenSky Secured Credit Card To Rebuild Your Credit Score

Utilizing a secured credit card, such as the OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card to rebuild your credit score can be an excellent option. The OpenSky Secured Visa credit card makes getting your card easy and simple. Once your deposit clears than you will be approved and your OpenSky Credit Card will be on its way to you. Your OpenSky Secured Visa credit card activity will also be reported to all of the major credit bureaus so you will be able to see the progress you are making.

Using The OpenSky Secured Credit Card Properly

Make sure to make all of your payments on time, and in full to avoid any interest charges, and you will be on your way to a much improved credit score at no cost to you. Remember to also stay under 30% of the credit limit that you have on your OpenSky credit card, as that will help boost your credit score even more. Then once your credit score is where you want it, you can close out your OpenSky Secured Visa credit card account and get your entire initial deposit back. This OpenSky Secured Visa credit card is one of the best secured credit card options available to help raise your credit score. This is because there is no credit check required. Once your deposit clears and you are approved, you can start working towards the credit score goal you want and be on your way to having better financial options in the future with your much improved credit score.