Uber is Now Charging $15 to Return Lost Items



With all the bad press Uber has received recently, this could come as good or bad news to some people. If you are someone that constantly leaves items behind in your Uber rides, you will now have to fork over $15 to have your Uber driver return and claim it. If you are an Uber driver then this will be a sign of relief. Knowing that you can at least get some sort of compensation for making a return trip instead of spending that time picking up another revenue generating ride.


Uber Lost Item $15

Here at Casavvy, we like to think that most people would be willing to throw in a generous tip for your Uber driver returning your lost item, but we know this is not always the case. And with Uber battling the its recent trend of bad news, this new policy gives them something to let their drivers know that they are looking out for them. This is part of Ubers “180 days of change” policy that they recently rolled out to let drivers know that they are getting the attention they need, and deserve. This includes things like the chance to earn more, 24/7 phone support, the ability for customers to to be able to leave a tip, and more.


If you are new to Uber, or have been thinking about trying it out, you can get your first ride for free here.