11 Best Capital One SavorOne Benefits And Rewards [2024]

The Capital One SavorOne benefits and rewards are one of a kind and are what make it a top tier credit card if you have certain spending habits that you can maximize. We think that you can agree that if you are looking to earn top level rewards for entertainment and dining purchases that this is the card for you. Along with a great cash back rate on all of your everyday purchases as well.


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Beyond earning rewards, the benefits that come with it are more than enough satisfy what you are looking for. Especially for a card that comes with no annual fee. Here’s what you need to know about the SavorOne benefits and rewards.



Capital One SavorOne Benefits Guide


The Capital One SavorOne card comes with a wide variety of benefits that include travel, shopping and entertainment. Even though some consider this a beginner credit card, it goes far beyond what other cards in its category offer in the form of benefits.



Capital One SavorOne Travel Benefits


With the SavorOne Card you have access to the Capital One Travel Portal. Which is where you can find great deals on almost all of your travel needs.


You will also earn a well above industry standard cash back rewards rate on certain travel purchases, which may include hotels and rental cars, that you make through Capital Ones Travel Portal as well. A nice benefit that is usually only offered to top tier credit cards.


When shopping travel deals through the portal you can take advantage of their predictive price modeling, which can let you know when the price might be most favorable for you to book.


Another travel portal perk is that you get free price protection. If you book a flight that the portal recommends and the price drops the you get a partial refund for the difference. Something that even the best travel comparisons website don’t offer.


You can even utilize the option to freeze the price of a flight you like for 14 days (may require a small fee). All the while you can continue looking for a cheaper option and return back to the price you saved if you don’t find a better option.


Lastly the Capital One SavorOne card comes with no foreign transaction fees. So no need to worry about using your card overseas. And you get included 24-hour travel accident insurance and travel assistance to go along with that.



Shopping And Entertainment Benefits


With the Capital One SavorOne card you access to exclusive experiences geared around dining, sporting events, and concerts. You can access what options are available through the Capital One Entertainment section of your online account.


This is where you can also redeem your credit card rewards as well. Which is a great option because you can use your credit card rewards to essentially pay for things like musical performances, sports games, and plenty of other events.


You may even have access to certain select events before the general public does. Adding even more value to the Capital One SavorOne benefits.


After your entertainment benefits there are some shopping benefits worth noting. These benefits include

  • Extended warranty coverage
  • You are covered with $0 fraud liability insurance
  • Virtual online card numbers to safeguard your real credit card number when shopping online
  • Credit profile security and monitoring
  • And more


While many credit cards offer perks like this, it is nice to know that they are included with the Capital One SavorOne card. It makes shopping that much easier and carefree. Plus, because there is no annual fee with this card you get to take advantage of them at no cost to you.



Capital One SavorOne Rewards


The Capital One SavorOne rewards are one of a kind when it comes to dining and entertainment purchases. And don’t worry, all of your other purchases earn great rewards as well. The bonus categories are as follows



8% Cash Back Rewards On Entertainment Purchases Made Through Capital One Entertainment


While entertainment purchases already earn a great rewards rate with the Capital One SavorOne you can take it to a whole new level if you make these purchases through the Capital One Entertainment portal.


Earn 8% cash back on entertainment purchases made through the Capital One Entertainment portal is something that separates this card from the rest of the pack.


Not only do you have the possibility of getting exclusive access and great prices, but you earn a rewards rate that is leaps and bounds ahead of any other card in this category.



5% On Hotels And Rental Cars Made Through Capital One Travel


Being a cash back card with a focus on dining and entertainment you wouldn’t expect to earn bonus rewards on select travel purchases. But with the SavorOne card you earn 5% cash back when booking rental car and hotel arraignments through the Capital One travel portal. This level of cash back cash back rewards is on the same level as other big time travel rewards credit cards.


Not something you would expect from this card but something you should certainly take advantage of.



3% Cash Back On Dining, Grocery Stores, And Entertainment


Now for what this card is focused on. You earn 3% cash back on all of the dining purchases that you make. If you eat out a lot, or order food delivery, then know that you are stretching your money as much as possible by earning cash back on all of it.


Grocery store purchases is also something you will get the same 3% cash back cash back rewards rate on with the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card. Not something you would expect from a dining and entertainment card but we are sure that you will certainly welcome it.


We all know how fast grocery bills can pile up and the SavorOne card helps you get the most out of it.


Popular streaming services are also included in this 3% cash back bonus cash back category as well. With the popularity of streaming services these days you would hope this would be included and it definitely is. Be sure to check the current offer for what specific streaming platforms are included.


This cash back category is most likely to be one of the most popular options. And the extra savings that you can get from it can really start to add up. 



1% Cash Back On All Other Purchases


Don’t think that the cash back rewards rewards end with what’s included in the bonus categories. All of your other purchases earn a 1% cash back rate as well. While it may be the industry standard rate, it is still something knowing that no matter what your purchases are you will be able to earn cash back that you can later use redeem for something you really want.



Awesome Welcome Bonus


If you thought that the Capital One SavorOne Card was exactly what you were looking for already then get ready for the opportunity to earn a great welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus, as well.


If new cardholders spend $500 in the first 3 months of having their card then they can get a $200 signup bonus. 


And because this is a no annual fee credit card the spend requirement isn’t super high and the bonus you earn is easily comparable to other cards in this category.



Balance Transfers


If you are in the market for a balance transfer and you want the ability to earn some great rewards on top of that, then the SavorOne card has what you are looking for. It comes with a 0 intro APR balance transfer offer for 15 months. A time frame that can compete with other cards specifically focused on balance transfers.


It is important to note that there may be a balance transfer fee. So be sure to check the current offer to know exactly what it is before utilizing the balance transfer offer that it comes with.



No Annual Fee


We have mentioned this plenty of times already, but it is worth pointing out again. All of the great Capital One SavorOne benefits and rewards come with no annual fee. Which makes it a top of the line no annual-fee card. It is no wonder why so many people are taking advantage of this card and why it is one of the best cards available for cash back.



Rewards Redemption Options


Now that you know all about the great rewards and benefits that come with the Capital One SavorOne Card you need to be able to spend your cash back rewards the way that you want. Here are some of the available options.

  • Use them for a statement credit for anything you purchased
  • Have them mail you a check
  • Shop on Amazon and Paypal
  • Gift Cards
  • Travel purchases made through Capital One Travel
  • Entertainment purchases made through Capital One Entertainment
  • And more



Capital One SavorOne Benefits And Rewards Conclusion


Is SavorOne A Good Credit Card?

Many people hear about all of the great benefits and rewards and wonder if it is too good to be true. Well now that you know all of the great things that comes with this no annual fee card it should be easy to explain to anyone who asks if the SavorOne Card is a good credit card.


We would go as far to say that it is a great card and goes well beyond many of the other options that are available.



Is Capital One SavorOne Card Metal?

Being that the SavorOne card comes with so many benefits and rewards you would think that it would be included in the popular trend of metal credit cards. But the Capital One SavorOne card is not a metal credit card at this time. If you are in the market for a metal credit card we have a great list of the top 10 metal credit cards available. 


But because the SavorOne card is not metal shouldn’t make or break your decision on getting it or not. It still makes up for this with its awesome rewards and benefits that are included.



Final Thoughts


The Capital One SavorOne Card is truly on of a kind with its rewards and benefits structure. And the fact that you get all of it with annual fee makes it leaps and bounds above many other no annual fee credit card options available. If you love dining out and attending entertainment events then this is the card for you.


You earn awesome cash back on these purchases along with many of the other daily purchases you make as well. Then you can take the cash bonus rewards that you earn and use them in a ton of different ways to get what you want.


Not to mention that Capital One is a great credit card issuer and has a great track record of putting out great products and having awesome customer service.


If you have a good to excellent credit score and are in the market for a new credit card then then this is one of the best credit cards in the cash back category. Many other people with an excellent credit history have signed up and they are loving the benefits and rewards that come with it.





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