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Do you or your family fly a lot, or are you planning a future trip where you will be flying? Then comparing the best airline and travel credit cards might be a good idea. Travel and airline credit cards come in two main categories. There are general travel credit cards that allow you to accumulate points or miles that can be used on any airline for discounted or free flights. Then there are specific travel and airline credit cards that allow you to earn miles for a specific airline. Depending on how you usually fly will determine which of these cards would be best for you. If you always fly a specific airline then you want to obtain that company’s airline credit card and put it to use. These cards come with many features that could include free checked bags, seat upgrades, and airport lounge access. You can even transfer some of your travel credit card rewards to your frequent flyer miles program. If you don’t mind which airline you travel then the all around airline credit card is the way to go. You won’t get all of the features that come with a specific travel or airline credit card, but you will be able to use your points or miles on any airline that you want and most likely won’t have to worry about seat restrictions or black out dates.

Casavvy can show you the best travel and airline credit cards for you and get you on your way to free or discounted flights. Check out the user rating and reviews to see what others think and how they have used their airline credit card in the past. An airline credit card can be your ticket to a much cheaper trip, for you and family, and give you more money to spend on the things that you want.

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