Discover it Gas And Restaurant Card (2024 Update)

When it comes to earning cash back most people agree that gas and dining out are two big ticket items they want included in their credit card rewards. 


Well there is a Discover it gas and restaurant card that earns cash back in these two categories. And when it is included as a bonus cash back category it rivals some of the best cash back credit cards available. 


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Discover it Cash Back Rotating Categories


The Discover it Cash Back cards offers an extremely high cash back rate on bonus categories that change every quarter. And gas and restaurant purchases are usually included at some point throughout the year. 


These bonus categories, that change every 3 months, will show up in your Discover online account. This way you will know where you will earn bonus cash back and maximize it if that is where you do a lot of spending. 


You do however have to activate these bonus categories by simple selecting them from within your account. And if gas or restaurant purchases are included that quarter. Then you will be good to go and start earning awesome cash back for those purchases.


You may think that it is a cumbersome step to take to activate your cash back categories. But it takes less than a minute and it is as simple as setting an alarm on your phone at the 1st of every new quarter.


And this added step can be well worth it based on the amount of bonus cash back you can earn.


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Discover it Gas And Restaurant Non Bonus Purchases


If gas and restaurant purchases are not included in that quarters bonus categories then you will still earn cash back. Although it will be at a base cash back rate that is on par with many other cash back cards in the same category. 


This is why when Discover it gas and restaurant card purchases are a part of a specific quarters bonus cash back, you want to make sure and activate it so that you are earning one of the best cash back rates on those purchases in the industry. 


As far as every other purchase that you make, you will earn the industry standard cash back rate. This means that you are always earning cash back on every purchase.


Even if it is for something that is never included in a cash back bonus category.


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Discover Cash Back Match


Discover takes the traditional signup bonus and puts their own personal spin on it by offering something different. 


They take all of the cash back that you earn in your first year and double it. 


So while you might have to wait a little longer for a bonus, it does have the potential to be a lot more if you take advantage of all of the bonus categories. 


So if you are looking for a gas and restaurant card and those categories are included as one of the quarterly bonuses. Not only are you earning an exceptional cash back rewards rate, but double that when Discover gives you your cash back match at the end of your first year. 


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Discover it Bonus Maximum


Before you get a huge smile on your face about how much cash back you can earn on gas and restaurant purchases you need to know that there is a maximum on the amount of bonus cash back you can earn. 


The cap on bonus cash back is pretty generous but it is there. After you hit the maximum then you will earn the base level cash back rate for the rest of the quarter. 


So while you still get rewards on your gas and restaurant purchases it won’t be the insanely high level that you received up until then. Especially within your first year where you are actually earning double. 


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Discover it Cash Back Annual Fee


Discover makes it a point to let everyone know that they do not charge an annual fee on any of their cards. While the Discover it Cash Back is great for earning cash rewards, they also offer a balance transfer and travel credit card as well. 


And while you might not earn great gas and restaurant rewards on them they also do not come with an annual fee. So you are free to keep all of the rewards that you earn throughout the year. 


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Is Discover it Cash Back Worth It For Gas And Restaurant Purchases?


While most people might look at the rotating categories aspect of the Discover it Cash Back card and think that it has downside because you don’t get maximum rewards on gas and restaurant purchases all year, you need to look at the big picture. 


When gas and restaurant purchases are part of your bonus cash back, you are getting a rewards rate well above what other cards offer. And, for your first year, Discover will double that. 


Taking the cash back rewards rate to one of the highest possible in the entire credit card industry. 


Yes there is the cap on the amount of bonus cash back you can earn. 


But also remember that no matter what the bonus categories are, or if you have hit the cap on your bonus cash back, you are still earning an industry standard cash back rate on your all of your gas and restaurant purchases, along with everything else. 


Bonus Question: Is The Discover it Card Metal?




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