Does H&M Have A Credit Card? (2024 Update)

Does H&M have a credit card? Having a H&M credit would be great. H&M fashion and clothing brand has a huge following with plenty of people checking new and updated offers all the time to see what they can add to their wardrobe next. With the constant following and consistent updating of their lineup you would think that they would offer a co branded credit card that allowed their customers to earn some rewards and upgrade their loyalty status another level.


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In other words “Does H&M have a credit card?” A H&M credit card offer, as of now, does not exist. Which leaves all of the loyal H&M customers to ask “What options do I have to earn some rewards on all of my H&M purchases?”

H&M Credit Card Alternate Options

Since a H&M credit card does not exist you would need to look to more mainstream options to earn rewards for the H&M purchases that you make. Some of the best cash back credit cards offer a minimum of 1 % cash back on all purchases. With many having bonus categories that may include retailers like H&M. There are even cash back credit cards that offer limited time offers to earn bonus cash back at certain stores, which may include H&M. Another option would fall in the category of best rewards credit cards, where you can earn points, or miles, for your H&M purchases as well. It is even quite possible that some of these rewards credit cards offer you to exchange the points you earn for H&M gift cards.

CardMatch Tool

If you were set on getting a H&M credit card and now realize that it doesn’t exist, but don’t know what you other credit card options are, then take a look at the CardMatch Tool. You just enter some simple information about yourself and you are matched with targeted credit card offers that match your credit profile. The best part is that there is no hard credit check, so you can check back as many times as you like to see if any of the offers have changed, or just to review the offers you were presented with earlier. It is a great way to compare some great credit card offers side by side to see which one will work best for you.

Now that you know there is no H&M credit card offers available you can take a look at all the alternative options available and get a credit card that will actually get you some rewards for your H&M purchases. From cash back, to points, to miles you will at least be getting something in return for being the loyal H&M customer you are. And you will also be able to earn rewards on all the other non H&M purchases that you make as well.