Lululemon Credit Card Offer 2024 (& Amex Offers)

Workout enthusiasts want to get the most out of the time they spend exercising and also look good in the process. So you would think that there would be a Lululemon credit card available to help you get the most out of your money as well. 


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As of now there is no Lululemon credit card offer. 


But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t earn some nice rewards and perks on your Lululemon purchases. 

Lululemon Credit Card Alternatives


Lululemon Credit Card Rewards Offers


If you are looking to earn rewards on your Lululemon purchases then your best bet would be a general rewards credit card. 


These cards allow you to earn points, cash back, miles, or more on the everyday purchases that you make. 


So not only will you be earning rewards on your Lululemon purchases, but everything else as well. 


Then you can take those rewards to help offset the cost of future purchases, order gift cards, get discounted travel, and more. 


All by taking advantage of the best rewards credit card offers that are available today. 


See the top ranking rewards credit card offers that are available through our best rewards credit card page. 

Amex Offers


There are some big name credit cards that may have built in offers that can help you save on your Lululemon purchase. 


An example of one of these can be found in the Amex Offers section of your American Express account. If you currently have an Amex Card. 


Here is where they list different money savings offers that you can get if you use your American Express Card to make a certain purchase. 


And there have been Lululemon offers featured here before. 


So if you already have an American Express Card head over to your account and check the current offers and see if a Lululemon one is available. 


If you are thinking about getting an American Express Card then you can find some of their best offers through our best rewards credit card page. 

Why There Should Be A Lululemon Credit Card


With such a large following you would think that a Lululemon credit card would have been in the works at some point. 


But it doesn’t look like there has ever been an offer for one and most likely won’t happen anytime in the near future. 


If there was a Lululemon branded credit card then it would certainly have some sort of rewards structure that would allow cardholders to stretch their money further on Lululemon purchases. 


It would also be nice to have some sort of workout perk involved with it as well. Such as if you charge your gym or studio charges to it then you would get some nice bonus rewards. 


But for now the best option is to find an all around general rewards credit card. This way you can still get rewarded for your Lululemon purchases, along with everything else you buy as well. 


You can find all the top option available for this month through our best rewards credit card page. 

Lululemon Credit Card Alternatives


Lululemon Credit Card Conclusion


Since there is no Lululemon credit card available your best bet is to get an all around general rewards credit card. 


It must be disappointing to hardcore Lululemon wearers who are looking for a branded credit card option to maximize the money that they spend with them. 


But for now you will have to look elsewhere. 


Between general rewards cards and special offers that may be available through the credit card that you already have, you should be able to find some extra savings. 


And while Lululemon has been around for a while you think if they were going to come out with a credit card that they would of already. 


But as of now there is no option for a Lululemon credit card offer. So you can sit back and wait for one. Or be proactive and start using your current rewards credit card, or signup for a new one.


And then help your Lululemon purchase go a little further then they are right now. 


Don’t miss out on the best credit card offers available today. Check out our best credit cards page for all the information you need. 




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