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850 Is The Highest Credit Score You Can Get

There are many different aspects that go into calculating your credit score. When it is all said and done, on most of the popular credit bureau scales, the maximum score you can get is 850.

Maximum Credit Score

What Offers Can You Use Your Credit Score To Get?

Having the maximum score of 850 is great and it can make you available to obtain the best rates for anything from car to home loans, to refinancing any current loans that you currently have. while it is a great goal to get to a perfect credit score of 850 you should take advantage of your current credit score and the many great things that can come with it. Remember there is no award for getting a perfect credit score of 850, besides the great feeling that you will get for accomplishing something that most people don’t. But there are actually tangible things that you can get with a near perfect credit score. Like being able to qualify for a travel rewards credit card that comes with a signup bonus that could be worth more that $1,000. Or being able to get the lowest possible interest on a mortgage for that new home that you want. Take advantage of these things while you can and then keep up the good work and you will continue to see your credit score increase and get closer and closer to the maximum credit score of 850.

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