Nike Credit Card

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Does Nike have a credit card? Currently there is no cobranded Nike Credit Card offers available. Although, that doesn’t mean there are not other options to get rewarded on Nike purchases. Nike is one of the largest sports accessory and apparel companies in the world and therefore they have a huge following. It would make sense that their loyal customers would want to find a way to get rewarded for the purchases that they make. Without there being a cobranded Nike Credit Card customers will have to look at more main stream credit card options to get rewarded on their purchases.

Nike Credit Card Alternatives

If you are looking to earn rewards on your Nike purchases, without having the option to utilize a Nike store credit card, then take a look at other popular credit card options that offer rewards for all purchases that you make. These can include Travel, Cash Back, and Rewards credit cards. It is not unheard of for the best travel credit cards to have signup bonuses worth over $1,000. The best cash back credit cards offer bonus cash back on certain categories which may include Nike purchases, and the best rewards credit cards can give you rewards for a lot of the purchases you make.

When considering which other credit cards to consider to get rewards on your Nike purchases think about all of the other things that you buy as well. Maybe you have to drive a lot for work, so a gas rewards credit card might be an option. You may also do a lot of grocery shopping, so looking into the best grocery rewards credit cards would be a great choice as well. When you add up all  the different things that you have to buy on a daily basis and utilize the right credit card then you can really start to rack up rewards that you can then use to help with all the Nike purchases that you want to make.

CardMatch Tool

Another option you can utilize is the CardMatch Tool. You just enter some simple personal information and it generates credit card offers that are being targeted towards you and your credit profile. There is also no hard credit check so you can come back as often as you like to see if any of the offers have changed. It’s a great place to start when you are looking for options to get the most out of your next credit card.

In the past if you have been denied for a credit card, then the CardMatch Tool is a great option to look into to minimize the chances that you will be denied again. Because it looks at your credit profile it will only match you to credit cards that you have a better chance at getting approved for. Keep in mind that it’s not a guaranteed approval, but it does take into consideration your credit profile when giving you your results for the cards it matches you with. You may even find offers, such as signup bonuses, that are not available anywhere else but the CardMatch Tool.

If you looking for alternative options since there is no option for a cobranded Nike credit card then the ones listed here is a great place to start. You might even find a great credit card that rewards you for many of your other non-Nike passions  as well.