Ralph Lauren Credit Card Offer 2024

With Ralph Lauren being one of the biggest fashion lines in the world you would think that there would be a Ralph Lauren credit card available to apply for. Almost every major retail store carries Ralph Lauren apparel and merchandise along with many celebrities being seen wearing some of their latest fashion designs.

With so many people drawn to the Ralph Lauren brand there should be a branded credit card available to allow its loyal followers to get exclusive perks, benefits, and savings on their Ralph Lauren purchases.

So we are going to take a look and see what Ralph Lauren credit card offers are available and if so what sort of savings and benefits are included with it.


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With so many other big brands offering a credit card that allows customers to connect with exclusive offers, early access to product launches, and the ability to earn rewards on purchases you would assume that Ralph Lauren would be included in this trend.

Does Ralph Lauren Have Credit Card?

After going through tons of different credit card offers from many of the top brands in the world a Ralph Lauren credit card offers was hard to find. At one point it seems that Ralph Lauren did offer a branded credit card that was available at certain store locations that you could sign up for.

This was somewhat surprising given the constant buzz around new apparel lines being launched and certain stores giving early access to them. You would assume that if there was a Ralph Lauren card available it would be released world wide.

But that offer seems to have disappeared and as of now there is no Ralph Lauren credit card available. But there is no need to worry if you are a Ralph Lauren loyalist. There are still a handful of ways to obtain Ralph Lauren products and save big on not only them, but also everything else that you buy.

Even if you were just looking to get a new credit card and wanted it to be a Ralph Lauren one you still have plenty of options.

And the way to do this is with a general rewards or cash back credit card. There are even some major credit cards that offer exclusive savings when you use them to purchase Ralph Lauren products directly from their website.

Rewards Credit Cards


General rewards credit cards allow you to earn rewards on the everyday purchases that you make. You usually earn points on your purchases and there are sometimes bonus categories included where you earn exponentially more on certain purchases that you make.

This is where you can actually save big on Ralph Lauren purchases.

With rewards credit cards you can use the points that you earn and redeem them for things like statement credits or gift cards to some of the major apparel stores.

So if you use a general rewards credit card to make all of your everyday purchases your points can add up fast. You can then use your points for a gift card to your favorite big box store that carries Ralph Lauren products and get huge savings.

Allowing you to essentially turn all of your everyday purchases into free Ralph Lauren gear.

Amex Offers

Amex offers are deals that are made available to American Express cardholders within their online account. The offers have to be activated and once they are you are good to go for savings on what the offer is for.

There have been Amex offers for Ralph Lauren purchases available in the past. Which could mean that they could continue in the future.

One such offer that we have seen has been spend $200 and get $40 back on purchase at Ralph Laurens website.

And the best part is that you would still earn rewards on these purchases (in which you are getting huge savings) and turn around to use them for even more Ralph Lauren purchases.

Cash Back Credit Cards

A all around general cash back credit card offers just that, cash back, on all of the purchases that you make. And the most popular way that people use their cash back rewards is with a statement credit.

So if you utilize a cash back credit card to make all of your daily purchases you can see it add up quickly. And there are some cash back cards that offer bonus cash back when you spend in certain categories.

If you use a cash back card to make all of your normal purchases in short time you could see a lot of savings available to you. Then you can use that same cash back card to purchase the Ralph Lauren products that you want and just erase the purchase with a statement credit.

A cash back credit card might be the best way to save on your Ralph Lauren purchases because it makes the process simple and easy.

Just order what you want direct from Ralph Laurens website and use a statement credit cover the cost.

Ralph Lauren Credit Card Conclusion

While it is disappointing that there is no Ralph Lauren credit card available for consumers to use there are still a bunch of ways to save. By using a general rewards or cash back credit card you can turn your everyday purchases into free Ralph Lauren gear.

And the best part is that you might actually save more than if there was a branded Ralph Lauren card.

Most branded cards offer big savings and rewards but usually only on purchases made with their brand. With a general cash back or rewards credit card you are getting future Ralph Lauren savings on every purchase that you make.

Which can add up quickly and get you the Ralph Lauren gear that you want that much quicker and hopefully at a huge savings.


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