Salon Centric Credit Card Review (2024 Update)

If you are a salon professional then the Salon Centric credit card is a great option to help maximize the money that you spend on your supplies. 


Being in the salon industry you know that your equipment is your livelihood and that you count on it everyday. So the money that you spend on that equipment is the most important investment that you can make. 


With the Salon Centric credit card you can stretch your dollars even further and get some nice included benefits as well. 


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Salon Centric Credit Card


The Salon Centric credit card is issued by Comenity Bank. This is where you will set up your online account and be able to review all your transactions and make payments. 





You will earn a very high level of bonus points for all eligible Salon Centric purchases that you make. These points can then be used as rewards certificates that can get you discounts on future Salon Centric items that you buy. 


This is a nice benefit because if you know that you will be spending a lot on equipment. Then it is nice to earn some rewards that you can later turn into more of the things you need. 


There is no limit to the amount of bonus points that you earn. And your points will not expire as long as your card is still in good standing. 


Salon Centric Credit Card Alternatives


Salon Centric Education Classes


Another great benefit is that you will get a big discount on Salon Centric education classes that you use your Salon Centric credit card to pay for.


If furthering your knowledge in the salon business is what you want to do. Then taking classes can do just that.  


The education courses that they offer are a perfect to keep your skills up to date learn new and improved techniques. And by using the Salon Centric credit card to pay for them you get a big discount compared to the rest of the public.



Special Events


Networking is a big part of being in the salon industry. Because of this you will need to attend special events from time to time. 


The Salon Centric credit card offers discount tickets to certain events when you use your Salon Centric credit card to purchases them. 


This way you are not only expanding the current relationships that you have you are also saving on the cost to do so. 



Product Discounts


Being in the salon business you will go through a lot of different products that you use on a daily basis. And the cost of these products can start to add up fast. 


The Salon Centric card offers discounts on certain products that you will need to take care of your clients needs. 


And the best part is that you can use the Salon Centric store to find the products that you need and apply your discount right there. 


So you get to instantly see the savings that you get. 



Salon Centric Credit Card Annual Fee


Yes there are some credit cars that come with great rewards and benefits but you have to pay an annual fee to get them. 


With the Salon Centric credit card there is no annual fee. 


So you get all the great things that it come with at no extra cost to you. You can just hit the ground running by saving on supplies and furthering your education. And also not worrying about an annual fee taking away from it. 



Salon Centric Credit Card Credit Score


In order to qualify for the Salon Centric card you will need to have a decent credit score. Even though there is more than just your credit score that gets evaluated when you apply for a new card, it is a big part. If you do not have good enough credit then you can work on improving it. Or you can utilize of of the best credit cards for bad credit to help improve your score.


You should know your up to date credit score before you apply. That way you give yourself the best chance of getting approved. If you do apply and get denied you will do further damage to your credit score and lessen the chances of getting approved anytime in the near future.


Salon Centric Credit Card Alternatives


Salon Centric Credit Card Alternatives



General Rewards Credit Cards


If you want to be able to earn rewards for purchases other than the ones you make with Salon Centric Card then you may want a general rewards credit cards. 


These cards allow you to earn rewards on all of your everyday purchases and they can start to add up fast. 


They also allow you to use your rewards to cover the cost of any future purchases that you make as well. 


So you can essentially still save on any Salon Centric purchases that you make. 


And best of all. There are plenty of options that come with no annual fee as well. 


You can see all of the best options available today through of best rewards credit card page. 



Signup Bonus


On thing the Salon Centric card does not have is a signup bonus. This is where you spend a certain amount in a specific time frame and you get a huge 1 time bonus in rewards. 


Almost all major general rewards credit cards offer them and they can turn out to be huge savings if you take advantage of them. 


If you want to see what signup bonuses are available then check out our best rewards credit card page to see all of the top options. 



Cash Back Credit Cards


Who doesn’t like to earn cash back on all of the purchases that you make. That is what the best cash back credit cards offer. 


So you can still make all the purchases that you need for your salon business and possible get close to the rewards rate of the Salon Centric card. 


And you earn cash back on everything that you buy. Then you can take your cash back rewards and invest them back into your business. 


Not a bad option if you are looking for an alternative to the Salon Centric card. 


And there are a ton of options that come with no annual fee as well.  


You can see the best offers available for this month over at our best cash back credit cards page. 



Salon Centric Credit Card Conclusion


If the salon industry is where you earn your living then you should take a hard look at the Salon Centric credit card. 


With the discounts that you get on products along with the savings for educational classes and special events, it could save you a lot of money. 


On the other hand if you don’t want to just earn rewards on your Salon Centric purchases then maybe a general rewards or cash back card would be best. 


It is all about stretching your money as far as possible so that you can give you clients a top of the line experience when they come to see you. 


Whether you choose the Salon Centric Card or a general rewards credit card you are making a smart decision by getting the right financial tool for your business. 




Where Is The Salon Centric Credit Card Login?


You can find the login for your Salon Centric credit card by going to the Comenity Bank page here.


This is where you will be able to review your account information, make a payment, and review all the benefits that come with your card.



How Do I Make My Salon Centric Credit Card Payment?


You log into your Salon Centric account here. This is where you will be able to see what total payment you owe along with what you due date is as well.








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