Save More This Tax Free Weekend with’s Tips for 2016


Note: The following article contains specifics to the Florida Tax Free Weekend, but the money saving tips apply to everyone in the U.S. that plans to take advantage of the Tax Free Holiday. 

If you are looking forward to the tax free weekend this year, there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that the tax free holiday this year is only 3 days long, as opposed to an entire week in 2015. The good news is that here at Casavvy we can show you some extra easy way to save that you probably didn’t even know about.

Florida Tax Free Weekend Details

The tax free holiday this year is from Friday, Aug 5th to Sunday, Aug 7th, 2016. You can take advantage of the following items being tax free during this time.

  • Clothes up to $60 each
  • Shoes up to $60 a pair
  • School supplies up to $15 each

You can find a full list of what items will be included here

Just as the time frame for the tax free holiday is different this year, so is the list of eligible items as well. This year does not include the first $750 on computer and computer accessories like last year did and the clothes and shoes price threshold is down from $100 to $60. Now that you know what items will be tax free, let’s find some other ways to get you some extra savings that can be used not only over the tax free weekend, but anytime of year. 

Go Beyond Coupons

If you are someone that likes to save money and uses your debit/credit card to pay for a lot of the things you buy, then you can find some added savings included in them. 

Note: A lot of the offers available are targeted offers so not everyone will have the same deals available to them. With that said, it never hurts to look, and look often, as there are always money saving deals usually worth taking advantage of. 

Find targeted credit cards offers, which could include the ones featured below and up to $625 in credit card signup bonuses through our partnered CardMatch Program.

Bank of America Cash Back Deals

Bank of America offers “cash back” deals to most of their debit and credit card holders. These are offers that are available through your online account and all you need to do is “add” them to your card and take advantage of the savings they have to offer. Once you login to your BOA account select the “Special Offers and Deals” tab to see what offers are available for you. 

American Express AMEX Offers

AMEX Offers the same type of savings options that BOA offers. These are deals that you need to login into your AMEX account and “add” them to your card. Once you select the offers you want all you do is spend as you normally would with your AMEX card and the savings will be automatically credited to you account. 

Citi Price Rewind

If you are a Citi Bank cardholder with the Citi Price Rewind option then you have a great option for saving you money. Citi will do a 60 search for any item that you have purchased to try and find a lower price. If they do, then they will do the leg work to get you a refund of the difference. All you do is login to your Citi account, go to the Price Rewind section, enter the item that you purchased along with uploading a picture of your receipt and let them go to work to find you a lower price. 

Shop Through Chase

If you happen to have a Chase credit card than you have some great money saving options as well. When you access featured online dealers through the “Shop Through Chase” portal you can save up to 15%. With more than 200 online retailers to choose from you are bound to find some extra back to school savings this tax free weekend. 

Discover Deals

We saved the best for last. The Discover Deals portal is one of the best credit card saving options out there. All you do is login into your account, through your home computer or the Discover app, to see what deals are available. At any given time there can be over 200 deals available. And the best part is that Discover it Cardholders receive 5% cash back on all orders through December 2016. Lastly, if you are a new Discover cardholder they will match all of the cash back that you earn for the first year after opening your account. Making your savings from Amazon on this year’s tax free weekend a whopping 10%. 

Back to school shopping can add up quickly and everyone likes to save as much as possible. Now that you know all of the details about the tax free weekend for 2016, along with some extra ways to save, you are fully prepared to get your back to school shopping done while being a savings expert in the process.