Shell Fuel Rewards: Earn Instant Gold Status and Minimum $0.05 Off per Gallon with the Fuel Rewards Network

The Shell Gas Company has created the Shell Fuel Rewards Network, which is a program that allows you to shop at certain grocery chains, online shopping merchants, and dine out, all while earning rewards to save money at Shell fueling locations. The program is actually quite easy to understand, it is all free, and if you shop online a lot, you can choose from hundreds of the most popular vendors and earn bonus fuel savings. No matter how you add up your savings per gallon, they are good on your next fill up, to a maximum of 20 gallons. Even if you have not earned any rewards on your card at the time you are filling up, you will still save $0.05 per gallon.

Shell Fuel Rewards

In order to sign up you can go into any Shell gas station and pick up a Fuel Rewards Network card. Then go online and register it. Or you can go to the FRN (Fuel Rewards Network) website and sign up and they will mail you a card free of charge. Then get ready to never pay full price for Shell gas again.


Shell Fuel Rewards

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Online Shopping Rewards

This is one of the best features of this program. All you need to do is login to your Fuel Rewards Network account, find the merchant that you wish to shop at, and click the link that will take you directly to their site. It is important to note that the only way to earn rewards is to link to the merchants site through your Fuel Rewards Network account.  Through your Fuel Rewards Network account you will find that there are hundreds of merchants participating, all of which come with their degree of bonus rewards that you can earn. For every $50 that you spend you will earn a minimum of $0.05 off per gallon. If you are shopping at a vendor that offers 2x rewards, then you will earn $0.10 off  per gallon for every $50 you spend (some vendors offer up to 10X rewards). All for shopping and buying the same items you were going to buy already. Also, by ordering online you won’t have to worry about your gas mileage driving anywhere. Your rewards last through the last day of the month, 2 months after you made your purchase. So, for example, all of the purchases that earn you rewards in the month of October will expire the last day of December. Plenty of time to claim your rewards and get the best price of gas  possible.

Earn Shell Fuel Rewards for Shopping at Certain Grocery Stores

You can link your grocery store rewards card to your Fuel Rewards Network account to earn rewards for buying your everyday groceries. However the program is limited. You can find a full list of grocers on the Shell Fuel Rewards Network website, most of which are dependent on your geographical location, to see which stores are available in your area. For every $50 you spend you will earn $0.05 off the normal gas prices per gallon. They even offer ecoupons, that you can obtain through your Fuel Rewards Network account, to get even more gas savings. Depending on which store brand you shop at will determine how long you discount will last. Which will be either the last day of the next month, or two  months, after you make your purchase. You also do not need to spend a certain dollar amount per shopping trip. The Shell Fuel Rewards Network will keep track of your purchases and  total them up to give you the best gas savings possible.

Dining Out Can Earn You Big Gas Savings

The Fuel Rewards Network network has also teamed up with restaurants so that dining out can earn rewards and reduce the cost you pay at the pump. Savings come in the form  of, for every combined $50 that you spend at participating restaurants your will earn 10 cents off at the pump. First, you need to enroll your debit/credit cards with the Fuel Rewards Network website. Then dine out as you normally would. There is no need to claim your rewards or check off that you ate at a participating location. Also, your purchases are tracked and added up over time so you do not have to worry about dining at the same place every time. The best part is that your dining rewards last up to the last day of the month, 3 months after you made your purchases. If you dined at a participating location in June, your rewards will last through the last day in September. Take a look at the restaurants available in your area, or even check places that you will be traveling to and get that much closer to cheaper gas prices.

MasterCard Cardholders

If you have a MasterCard in your wallet you can look forward to even more savings. The are many specials that change through out the year that you can take advantage of and save on fuel when you use your MasterCard to spend. These specials can range from purchases made at fitness club and gym memberships, to electronics, to seasonal shopping items. All you have to do is link your MasterCard to your account (which right now gives you a fuel saving bonus just for linking) and then shop as you normally would. You can also enjoy year round bonuses on MasterCard payments that you make for groceries, and dining out as well. Click here to see what specials are being offered now and then check the Fuel Rewards Network participate map to see which vendors are participating.


With all of these opportunities for big gas savings, if you don’t usually shop at Shell then you might want to think about doing so. It is easy to register at a participating supermarket (if you have one near you), enroll your debit/credit card and earn rewards at participating restaurants, and shop online by connecting to your favorite vendors through the Fuel Rewards Network website. After that, dine and shop as you normally would and then be happy when you watch the price per gallon you will pay go down.

Sign up for Shell Fuel Rewards and the Fuel Rewards Network here.


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