Sunglass Hut Credit Card Offer 2024

Sunglass Hut is a huge seller of eyewear and they do have a Sunglass Hut credit card offer available. 

This way anyone who does a lot of shopping there, or is looking for extra savings and benefits, can take advantage of everything that it has to offer. 


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Sunglass Hut Credit Card By MySynchrony Bank

If you are approved for the Sunglass Hut credit card then you can tap into the savings and benefits that it offers. 

These include 

  • 6 months of special financing available
  • 20% off your first in store purchase
  • Member only exclusive benefits
  • Online account access

As with most brands that offer credit cards you get certain savings and benefits with the Sunglass Hut card. 

This can allow you to make the most out of the purchases that you make there. 

What Credit Score Is Needed

If you don’t have excellent credit then you may be lost when trying to find out what level of credit score is needed to qualify as it is not posted. 

So you can either apply and hope you get approved, which we don’t recommend, or you can utilize other options that give you must clearer insight into whether you will be approved. 

Sunglass Credit Card Alternatives

If you think that you can get better rewards and savings on your Sunglass Hut purchases with another credit card then it is worth looking into. 

There are cash back credit cards that offers cash back rewards on all of the purchases that you make. You can then take the cash back that you earn and use it to cover the cost of any future Sunglass Hut purchases that you make. 

There are also general rewards credit cards that offer points on your everyday purchases. 

These points can then be used to cover future purchases, get gifts cards, and more. Another great option as an alternative that can help you get the Sunglass Hut savings that you want. 

Lastly you can look into 0 APR credit cards. These allow you a certain timeframe to pay off new purchases that you make interest free. While you may not earn the rewards that you want, you can still have more time to pay off your Sunglass Hut purchases before the 0 APR time frame ends. 

Where To Get The Sunglass Hut Card

There are a couple of options available when looking to apply for the Sunglass Hut Credit Card offer. 

There is an online application that you can fill out anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Or you can visit one of their retail stores and apply there. 

Both options can be super easy and convenient depending on which one you prefer. 

If you would still like to do a little more research on other credit card options that are available then you can easily from right here. 

We have all the best credit card options that are available no matter what you credit score is. 


With there being a Sunglass Hut credit card available it should make any truly loyal shoppers happy. It does come with some included benefits but we think that there are much better options available. 

This way you can not only earn rewards and savings on your Sunglass Hut purchases, but all the other purchases that you make as well. 

So be sure to check out all of the available options before applying for the Sunglass Hut credit card.