The #1 Thing Soon To Be Brides Regret Not Doing


If you are currently planning a wedding then you know exactly what we are talking about.


If you are someone that has already planned and executed a wedding then you will also know this feeling as well.


After your engagement you start to frivolously go through different ideas that you have for your wedding day.


You think about what type of venue you would like.


Who will be in your wedding party?


What kind of ceremony you would like?


How the dinner reception will go?


What you will do after the reception is over, what you will do the very next day?

and so on

and so on

and so on.


You think It Would Be Any Of These Things But It’s Not


It is a nonstop whirlwind that all comes down to how everything will go on one day.

Then comes the jaw dropping part.




What will you do to pay for it all?


Will someone in your family help with the costs?


What are the different options you have for paying?


What will happen is you completely blow through your budget and you’re not even done with the rehearsal dinner yet?  (Or mentioned anything about a honeymoon)




“Not Maximizing Their Wedding Budget To Get All The Things They Want”



There is a second part to this


Usually after the wedding is done and a couple days go by and the now married couple realize that

“There Was A Handful Of Everyday Tools They Could Of Used To Make There Wedding Budget Stretch Even Further And Get Them All Of The Things They Wanted”


If they only would of asked someone that has been there for a little advice, or taken a second to do a little research


They could of actually gotten the flowers that they wanted


They could of hired the amazing house band that one of the close personal friends had at their wedding


They could of rented that amazing vintage car to drive them away after the reception was over


Now is when they realize that after spending thousands and thousands of dollars that they didn’t get everything they wanted


OR everything that they should of gotten


But What Else Could They Have Done To Maximize Their Wedding Budget?


Funny question because it comes down to a few things that everyone who has gone through any normal day would know and anyone who has ever been to a wedding would know as well.


Think about a normal day for yourself.


You probably wake up, take a shower, get ready for work etc.


On the way to work you may stop and buy a cup of coffee


You may or may not get a lunch break where you stop by your favorite sandwich shop and buy your usual order


After work you may need to stop by the grocery store and buy some groceries for the week


Do you notice one reoccurring theme here. in order to get through a normal you have to……….


Or in essence, spend money


And what is the most common way to pay for things these days


That’s right, with a credit card


Everyday you do normal things and you pull out that rectangle shaped piece of plastic and swipe it to get the things you need

And Without Even Knowing It You Are Using The Very Thing That Can Take Your Wedding Budget To The Next Level


Did you know that there are credit card offers available that, after you spend a certain amount of money in a given timeframe (easy to do with a wedding budget), they will kick in a bonus.


Sometimes these bonuses can be worth over $750.


Yep thats right. It is possible to get north of $750 as a credit card bonus. Just take a look at the current offers for the Best Travel Credit Cards to see for yourself.


Not interested in a travel credit card then see for yourself the bonus offers that come with general Rewards Credit Cards, or even Cash Back Credit Cards.


Still not too bad huh?


All for spending money you were going to spend anyways.


And the bonus that you earn doesn’t even include the per dollar rewards that you earn as well.


Even If Your Not Getting Married It Would Be Crazy Not To Think About Replacing The Current Credit Card You Use Everyday With One That Can Get You So Much More


Say you don’t even want any credit card rewards, or you just think it’s a game to get you spend money that you shouldn’t and it will lead to you over extending yourself.


There are credit cards that allow you to have a 0 APR interest rate for well over a year. So you could put whatever wedding expenses you have on it and take well over 12 months to pay it off without paying any interest.


That’s right. Over 1 year with no interest


Not believable. Take a look at the best 0 APR Credit Card Offers right now.


Which now brings us back to the sad looking bride in the photo at the beginning.


She realized that her wedding could of been so much more if she would of just taken a second to think about how she can get the most out of her wedding budget to get everything that she wanted.


And the solution was right in front her the whole time. It was actually in her hand everyday and she didn’t even know it.


Don’t be like her and leave something as simple and easy as upgraded the same credit card that you usually use everyday prevent you from getting the wedding you want.


And even if your wedding has already come and gone, or you might not even be married yet, think about the old piece of plastic you use everyday and ask what is it doing for you.


Chances are that it’s not as much as it could be