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Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Honeymoon


1. Get A Travel Rewards Credit Card

Many people don’t see the true value that travel credit cards have. They think they need to spend a ton of money in order to earn enough rewards to use. But travel credit cards are known for having huge signup bonuses that kick in when you spend a certain amount usually within the first 90 days of having your card. If you are planning a honeymoon then you are most likely going to be spending money on your wedding. Why not use that as a way to earn travel rewards that can greatly offset the cost of your honeymoon? Travel credit card signup bonuses can be enough to take huge chunk out of the cost of your honeymoon. They may also come with perks such as airline fee credits, airport lounge access, hotel upgrades and more.

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2. Check Travel Saving Websites

These days there are a ton of travel saving websites that can show you the best offers for flights, hotels, etc. Most of these sites allow you to bundle the different parts of your trip for even more savings. This is a great place to start when looking at different honeymoon destinations and researching how much each of your options will cost.

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3. Start A Honeymoon Fund

Having a wedding means that people will bring you lots of gifts. Sometimes these gifts can be quite expensive and you might not even use them that much. Why not have a place where your guests can go and simple use the money that they were going to use to buy you a gift and apply that to a fund you can use for your honeymoon. You’d be surprised how even a lit bit form each of your guests can add up quickly.

Our Favorite Option: Honeyfund

4. Stay In Town

While this might sound like a crazy idea if you think about what the most expensive part of a honeymoon is it is usually the flight to some far away destination. Everyone usually has a very nice and elaborate hotel or resort that is within driving distance of where they are. If you combine all the previous tips together and you don’t have to spend any money on an expensive flight you could get great accommodations at a very nice hotel or resort and create some great memories celebrating your marriage.

5. Consider Travel Insurance

For many people a honeymoon is a big operation and many things that are out of your control could go wrong. Weather happens, flights get canceled, etc. So you might want to consider travel insurance as a way to help you sleep better at night knowing that if anything happens you will still be able to replan you honeymoon with the same budget you started with.

Great Option: Allianz Travel