What Credit Card Starts With 4147? (Updated 2022)

Many people don’t even think about what the numbers on their credit card mean. But did you know that they actually serve a purpose. What credit card starts with 4147 is actually a popular question and we can break down what it represents along with the meaning of all the other numbers you find on debit and credit cards.

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Major Industry Identifier (MII)


Before we find out what credit card starts with 4147 there are many things to cover and we will start out with what is called major industry identifier. This is an industry classification and it is defined as

0 – ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments

1 – Airlines

2 – Airlines and other industry assignments

3 – Travel and entertainment

4 – Banking and financial organizations

5 – Banking and financial organizations

6 – Merchandizing and banking

7 – Petroleum

8 – Telecommunications and other industry assignments

9 – National assignment


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Now let’s break down the first digit of major credit card networks


3 – American Express (specifically 34 or 37 and their cards will have 15 digits)

3 – Diners Club and Carte Blanche credit cards (usually followed by a 0, 6, or 8. Their cards will have a 14 digit account number)

4 – Visa card and they will have a unique string of numbers totaling 13 or 16 digits

5 – Mastercard with a total of 16 digits

6 – Discover cards and their total amount of numbers is 16


Issuer Identification Number (Previously know as Bank Identification Number)


These are the IIN’s of some major banks

4 – Visa

5 – Mastercard – specifically starting with numbers 51 through 55

36 and 38 – Diners Club Card – some Diner’s Club Card have a relationship with Mastercard therefore it will be processed as such and begin with a 5

6011 or 65 – Discover Card

35 – belongs to Japan Credit Bureau

37 or 37 – American Express

Now that you know about the what number belong to which industry along with which major credit cards networks or financial institutions, let’s answer the question that you came here for.


What Credit Card Starts With 4147?


Looking back at the information above you can see that the first number being a 4 means that it is a Visa card. That answers just part of the question so gathering information from the Bank Identification Number Database the first four digits of a credit card number being 4147 would be one of the following

  • PNC Bank
  • Chase Sapphire
  • Chase/Amazon Visa Signature Card
  • Bank of America – Alaska Airlines Signature Visa Card
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Wells Fargo
  • Citibank
  • Us Bank Visa signature
  • Capital One Bank

Since you asked the question what credit card starts with 4147 you most likely have one of the cards listed above.


How To Tell If A Visa Card Is A Credit Or Debit Card


The first thing you can do to find out the type of card it is would check the back or front of the card. If it is a debit card it will usually have it displayed somewhere. You can also check a website know as Bindb. Which is a bank identification database. You just enter the card number and it will give you the result of what it is.

On every Visa card that you encounter the first digit of the card will be a 4. This will include credit cards, debit cards, as well as prepaid cards. After the number 4 the five digits proceeding will have some sort of indication of the credit card issuer that the card is linked to.

All Visa cards (credit, debit, gift card, and prepaid) will have 16 total digits on them.


What Makes Mastercard Cards Different From Visa Cards?

Both Visa and Mastercard are financial institutions that make it possible for transactions to take place when you use any of the cards that contain their logo. They both have their own independent systems that they operate on. So a Visa card won’t be able to be processed on Mastercards’ network and vice versa. What makes them different is the numbers that they use.

It is also important to note that not all Visa cards and not all Mastercards are created equal. There are different levels within each classification and some cards will have different benefits than others.

While we already covered that all Visa Cards start with the number 4. The first digit of a credit card that has the Mastercard logo on it will be 51 through 55.


So Which One Is Better?


While they are technically two different types of credit cards it doesn’t really come down to whether Visa or Mastercard is better. What you ned to look at is the bank brand that is paired along side them. This is what ultimately decides what rewards, perks, and benefits come with a card. As a potential card holder you can decide on what will work best for you and help you get the most out of it.


Luhn Algorithm


We can’t have an article about what credit card starts with 4147 without discussing the Luhn Algorithm. This is a mathematical formula that acts as a security measure to validate a variety of different identification numbers. These could include anything from Canadian SS numbers to credit card numbers. What makes it such a great system to use it that is can correctly determine correct numbers from invalid ones at a quick pace. Something that is essential when running financial transactions or identification results. As a credit card account holder this is something that you want to happen each time you swipe your card. You also want it in case someone tried to copy your card number and use it to make a fraudulent purchase.

The Luhn Algorithm works by performing a mathematical equation every time a set of numbers is entered into the system. For credit card numbers it does this regardless of what type of credit card it is. That number is then divided by 10 and if the result it gets is 0 then it results in a positive transaction. If the number is something other than 0 then the transaction is declined.

The best way you can research more on the Luhn Algorithm is by reading additional information here.


What Credit Card Starts With 4147 – Conclusion


Now that we have covered What Credit Card Start With 4147 and then some. You should be well versed as well in what the rest of the numbers are no matter what credit card type you have. The numbers of your card display as lot of information that banks and other financial institutions use every time you make a purchase. From everything to the mii digit to Issuer Identification Numbers they all serve an important purpose and contain important information. So next time you get a new card take some time to look at the numbers on the front of your card and understand what they represent. It is not just a random string of digits. The credit card industry put a lot of thought and hard work into it it so that you can shop safely and securely.


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