Which Credit Cards Allow You to View Your Credit Score for Free?



Have you seen all of the ads recently about how to get your free credit score and where to get it? Or maybe you have had to sign up for a fee trial in order to check your credit score and then cancel the trial before you are charged. Well, that has all changed now. Most credit card companies are now giving you access to your current credit score, for free.

Look For Your Credit Score In Your Online Credit Card Account

There are variations in your current credit score depending on which credit bureau you are looking at. Right now the current credit card companies that are offering free access to your score are getting that information from FICO and VantageScore. Which are the exact credit bureaus that they use to screen new customers when they apply for one of their products. Some credit card companies are even allowing people, who don’t an account with them, to view their score. Which is a great way to get new customers to sign up for one of their products.

Credit Card Companies Offering Free Credit Scores


Issuer Credit Report Who Can Take Advantage
 American Express  FICO  Account Holders
 Discover  FICO  Anyone
 Capital One  VantageScore 3.0  Anyone
 Chase  FICO  Certain Cardholders
 Bank of America  FICO  Account Holders
 Barclaycard  FICO  Account Holders
 Citi  FICO  Certain Cardholders
 Wells Fargo  FICO  Account Holders


Note: Your credit score could differ between what is being reported by different credit card companies.

Capital One and Discover Offering Free Credit Scores to Anyone

You can see from the table that Capital One and Discover are the only 2 that are listed, offering free scores to anyone. This is great for consumers looking to qualify for their first, or for a new credit card, and are unsure of their chance of approval. It’s also a great way for these companies to offer you one of their products directly after you have viewed your score.


Consistently Check Your Credit Score

Whether or not you are in the market for new credit, knowing what your credit score is can tell you a lot. If you become the victim of identity theft, a drastic change in your credit score will be one of the first signs to let you know. If you know that you will be applying for a mortgage, car loan, or a new credit card soon, then you can work to make the right moves to improve your credit score so that you can get the best offer possible. Now that more and more credit card companies are offering free credit scores, you could even compete with friends and family to see who has the best credit and is the most responsible with their money.