Best Airline Credit Cards With No Annual Fee [2024]

The best airline credit card no annual fee comes with a bunch of great benefits that can make your travels a lot better, all without any yearly costs to own it. When it comes to airline travel you will find that a majority of people fall into 3 categories. Those that are loyal to a certain airline brand, those that will fly whatever airline that will get them where they want to go at the cheapest cost, and those that are flying a certain airline because that was the only option they had based on their destination.


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Savvy travelers looking for the best airline credit card no annual fee are most likely people who enjoy flying with a certain airline company. Or they are based out of an airport where a certain airline has a hub there, so that is always the airline that has the most flight options to choose from. Either way when choosing a co-branded airline credit card you are making the decision that you are going to stick with that particular company in order to maximize the rewards and benefits that you get.

Why Choose An Airline Credit Card With No Annual Fee

Airline credit cards can offer huge rewards and benefits for the airline that the card is based on. These can include things like

  • bonus rewards when using your card to buy tickets with that airline
  • waived checked bag fees
  • priority boarding
  • savings on in-flight purchases
  • no foreign transaction fees
  • and more

If you know that you are going to fly a certain airline a majority of the time, then taking a look at their best credit card for airline miles no annual fee is a good place to start. Even if you don’t get all the perks you think you should get. And because there is no annual fee it doesn’t cost you anything, so you are almost guaranteed to come out ahead.

Use The Best Credit Card For Airline Miles With No Annual Fee To Earn Status

Yes, it is possible with the best airline credit card no annual fee to get a jumpstart on reaching certain status categories with particular airlines. Because you are avoiding the annual fee that others cards come with this could be a huge perk. Some of the best no annual fee airline credit cards come with a signup bonus that will go towards advancing your status upgrades with a certain airline and could also allow future purchases that you make to help you keep making progress to the next status level as well. So even if you are not happy with the perks that initially come with the no annual fee airline credit card that you want, you may find that over time you can reach a status level that will give you most of the benefits that you want.

No Annual Fee Airline Credit Card Signup Bonus

This is a no brainer when it comes to getting a new credit card, especially a no annual fee credit card. Whatever the signup bonus is you should take full advantage of it. It is literally free rewards. Almost always it will require you to spend a certain amount in a given period of time before the signup bonus kicks in. And with travel and airline credit cards being known for having some of the best signup bonuses available, it’s worth going after. If the airline credit card with no annual fee that you want allows you to earn status based on the rewards you have on the card, then the signup bonus can offer you a huge head start to getting to the status level that you want.

Best Airline Miles Credit Card with No Annual Fee Rewards

Next you want to look at what the rewards earning potential is for the no annual fee airline credit card that you are considering. See if it offers the chance to earn bonus miles for purchase made outside of their brand, such as gas or groceries. Most of the time a majority of the bonus rewards that you earn will be for purchases made with that particular airline, with a base level of rewards for all other purchases. But if you can find a card that offers any extra rewards for purchases made outside the certain airline, then that means more chances for you to earn when you are not flying.

Always Consider The Airline Credit Card With An Annual Fee Option

Even if you are a die hard no annual fee person, if you are considering getting an airline credit card than take a look at the annual fee options. Many times the rewards and benefits that come with these cards can out weigh the cost.  The rewards earning potential are usually much higher, the signup bonus is usually larger, and the initial benefits that you get are sometimes instant instead of having to wait to earn enough rewards to move up a status level. You may stick to your guns and still choose the no annual fee airline credit card but at least you saw what all of your options were and know you made the best choice for you.

Know That The Best Value For The Rewards You Earn Will Always Be With The Airline You Choose

All of the rewards that you will earn with the best airline credit card with no annual fee will have they most value when redeemed directly with that airline. They may offer you options such as gift cards or merchandise in exchange for your rewards, but know that these most likely will be at a far less valuation than if you redeem your rewards for actually flights. You chose a no annual fee airline credit card that is connected with a certain airline because you more often than not choose to fly with that airline brand. So be sure to use the rewards you earn from your airline credit card with no annual fee for free or discounted flights with that particular airline in the future.

Non-Branded Airline Credit Card With No Annual Fee

There are options for travel credit cards that have no annual fee that are not directly tied to a particular airline. This means that the rewards you earn can be used for any airline whenever you want. Now you will miss out on some of the things like status upgrades, priority boarding, inflight savings, and more, but you are free to fly whatever airline you want. This decision is completely up to you and what you value the most. If you are certain you will always fly a certain airline than its most likely you will go with their no annual fee airline credit card because of the benefits they offer.  But if you want the freedom to pick any flight that you want without the added benefits, then a no annual fee travel credit card is the way to go.

Find The Best Mileage Cards With No Annual Fee Card For You And Get Ready To Pack Your Bags

Now that you know all of the things to consider when it comes to finding the best airline miles credit card no annual fee, it’s time to compare all of the options available and make your decision. Because you are going with the no annual fee airline credit card option there is very little downside to the decision you make. If you find that after time goes by you don’t like the choice you made then you can go back and research some more and find another card, all for the cost of $0 in annual fees. Or maybe you find that after having the airline credit card with no annual fee for a while that upgrading to the annual fee card is worth the benefits that you will get with it. You may even find that you are not as loyal to a particular airline as you thought and a change to a non co-branded travel card with annual fee is the better choice.  Either way you will be on your way to earning some rewards in the process that can be used in the future for whatever travel plans you have.