Capital One SavorOne vs Quicksilver 2022 [Which Card Is Better?]

If you are in the market for the best cash back credit card then the matchup with the Capital One SavorOne vs Quicksilver card is a great one to look at. Both of these credit cards have their strong points and it all boils down to your spending habits to find which card is right for you. For example, if you do a lot of shopping at grocery stores then one card might be better. Or maybe you make a lot of entertainment purchases which might make one card a good option over the other. Either way you are getting a great cash back credit card that is simple and easy to use. Both in the form of earning rewards and also redeeming them as well. It’s important to note that both of these cards will require you to have a credit score in the good to excellent range. Be sure to understand your current credit history before applying. So let’s dive in and see what both of these cards have to offer in the battle of the Capital One SavorOne vs Quicksilver.

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capital one savorone vs quicksilver





Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card

Redemption Options

And The Winner Is

What Both Cards Can Do Better



Capital One SavorOne vs Quicksilver Breakdown

We will start with the Capital One SavorOne Card and then move onto the Capital One Quicksilver Card. Breaking down what makes each of them great and also some things that they can improve on as well. All while trying to help you find which card will work best for you and get you the maximize cash back and benefits possible.


Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

This card offers a ton of different spending categories where you can earn bonus cash back. If you like to go to live events such as concerts or sporting events then you get a bonus cash back rates for purchases made through certain ticket vendors. If you travel a lot and want to utilize the Capital One Travel portal then you will earn bonus cash back for purchases made through this as well. And of course there is the bonus cash back category of dining purchases as well (which is where the family of Savor cards all started). After that you will earn a base cash back rate which is on par with other base cash back rates for similar cards in this category. The Capital One SavorOne card also comes with a decent signup bonus as well which can help kick start your cash back earning. And of course you get all of this with no annual fee.



Key Takeaways

  • Great option to earn a sign-up bonus
  • Earn elevated cash back in bonus categories that is well above the industry standard
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Introductory APR on new purchases
  • Very low intro APR on balance transfers (a balance transfer fee may apply)
  • No limit on the amount of cash back that you can earn. Earn unlimited cash back as long as your account is in good standing
  • No annual fee
  • View up-to-date current offer for the Capital One SavorOne Card through our Best Cash Back Credit Cards Page

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Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you are looking for good old fashioned, as simple as it gets, cash back then the Capital One Quicksilver card is a better option. Capital one is proud of their travel portal (and they should be) so you will earn bonus cash back on purchases made through it. After that you get a base flat rate cash back cash back earnings power, higher than other cards in this category, on everything else that you buy. No need to worry about spending categories or where you will earn the most cash back. You get the same awesome cash back rate on everything that you buy. You can also take advantage of a great signup bonus offer and enjoy all of this with no annual fee as well. All in all a great and simple to use cash back credit card.


Key Takeaways

  • Great welcome offer available if you meet spending requirements
  • Cash Bonus opportunities if you utilize Capital One Travel Portal for certain purchases
  • Low interest rates on intro purchases and intro balance transfers (after that variable APR applies)
  • No annual fee
  • Cash back won’t expire and there is no limit on the amount of cash back you can earn
  • View up-to-date current offer for the Capital One Quicksilver Card through our Best Cash Back Credit Cards page.

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Capital One SavorOne vs Quicksilver Reward Redemption

Both card have the same cash back rewards redemption options. And both are pretty simple and straightforward, which is all you can ask for from a cash back credit card. As of now, new cardholders can redeem your cash back as a statement credit, check, use them for gift cards, or to cover previous purchases. Super easy cash back earning that you can use as you please. All of this can be done through your Capital One online account. You will find all of the reward redemption information that you are looking for along with what items are available for you to claim. After that it’s up to you to determine which card is the best option as far as how you will earn your cash back. Capital One does a great job and making everything easy to figure out through your online account. No need to worry about it being difficult to redeem the rewards that you worked hard to earn.





When it comes down to choosing the winner between two great cash rewards credit cards credit cards that answer usually comes down to what you want out of a credit card as far as cash-back rewards earning rates. Finding the best credit cards in a certain category is hard because everyone is different. If you know you will be spending more in the categories that the Savorone card offers bonuses rewards in then this is the best choice for you.

If you want the ease of use and freedom that the Quicksilver card offers then this is for sure the card you want to go with. The key is to try and earn as much cash back as possible without overspending to get it. Both of these cards earn a welcome bonus, so after that it’s all about the cash back you can earn depending on where you do most of your spending. If you already have excellent credit then you are good to go to apply for either one of these credit cards. So go ahead and check out the current offers for both of these cash-back credit cards and get ready to take your cash back rewards game to the next level.

View up-to-date- current offer for both of these cards and compare them side by side through our Best Cash Back Credit Cards page.







Where Both Of These Cards Can Do Better

There is a reason that both of these Capital One Cards are at the top of a lot of people lists when it comes to cash back credit cards. With the Savorone Card you want to make sure and understand what qualifies in the bonus categories that it offers. The are some things that you think would qualify but do not. Also if you do decide to utilize it for a balance transfers make sure to understand if there is a balance transfer fee that you will incur. Many cards charge this but it is always something to look out for when doing a balance transfer.

The Quicksilver card with its straightforward and simple approach to cash back could have a few more things added to it. While it is super easy to use and understand we think that some people would go a step further and take advantage of extra bonuses if it had them. Same goes with a balance transfer fee if that is something you are interested in. While the intro APR rate is enticing just know that there might be a fee associated with it as well.

All in all there really isn’t too much to go over as far as what else these cards can have included with them. While they are both cash back credit cards, they are different and appeal to different types of people. So they both make great choices depending on what you want from a cash back credit card. If you want bonus categories then go with the Savorone Card. If it is no frills and straightforward cash rewards you want then go with the Quicksilver card. We are pretty sure you will be happy with whichever card you decide to get.


Capital One Savorone vs Quicksilver Summary

While both of these are great and honestly two of some of the top choices in this category, it can be hard to determine which one is better. With the Capital One Savorone card allowing you to maximize the cash back you get in the bonus categories that it offers. And then the Capital One Quicksilver Card gives you an elevated plan and simple flat cash back rate on everything you purchase. You have to ask yourself which one is better for you. Do you want the bonus rewards of the Savorone Card, or the straightforward and simplicity of the Quicksilver Card?

We went over some of the things that both of these cards can do better and while there wasn’t much, there is always room for improvement. It can be hard to find a credit card that has everything that you want so you have to just concede that you can try to find a card that comes as close it as possible. We think that because the Savorone and Quicksilver cards offer great cash back rewards they do it in different ways. So it all depends on how you want to maximize the money that you spend.

As far as added benefits go both of these cards are pretty equal. Since both of them are Capital One branded cards you can expect that. No annual fee is always a plus for both of these cards. You need a minimum of good credit to qualify so therefore the extras should be included as well. While there are way to many added benefits to cover (you can see them all by going through our Best Credit Cards page to view the current offers) you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. You are doing yourself a favor by doing your research and putting the time in to find the best credit card for you. We think that in the battle of the Capital One Savorone vs Quicksilver card you can find the best fit for you and be on your way to getting as much cash back as possible.




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