Discover it Metal Card In 2024? [Update]

With the popularity of metal credit cards growing more and more many people are wondering if a Discover metal card is available. The Discover it Card lineup consists of a handful of cards that range from cash back, balance transfers, and even travel rewards.

And many people would agree that Discover has some of the best costumer service and included benefits available. So you would think that they would consider included their cards into the always increasing metal credit cards group.

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Is There a Discover Metal Card?

At this point in time there is no metal credit card in the Discover it lineup. With many of the other competing credit card issuers offering at least one metal credit card in their portfolio you would think that Discover would at least consider this as an option.

But there are another things to consider when wondering why there is not a Discover it card that’s metal.

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All Discover Cards Have No Annual Fee

It is true that almost all metal credit cards come with an annual fee. This is most likely not due to the cost of making a credit card metal but more onto the perks and benefits that come with them. Although, as you can probably imagine, it is more expensive to make a metal credit card over a plastic one.

Discover prides themselves in not charging an annual fee on any of their cards and rightfully so. There is a large part of credit card consumers that refuse to pay an annual fee and the entire lineup of Discover it Cards is there for them to choose from.

Discover it® Cash Back

Just because there is no Discover metal card does not mean that you can’t earn some great cash back rewards on all of your purchases. The Discover it Cash Back card has one of the top cash back rates on purchases made in its bonus categories.

These bonus categories change every quarter so you want to make sure and know what they are so that you can maximize the cash back that you earn. And the best part is that Discover takes all of the cash back that you earn your first year and doubles it.

This is their form of a signup bonus and if you have the spending habits that match the cash back bonus categories, you can get a much better bonus than is offered by other cards.

Even without having metal status you can still have one of the best cash back credit cards available today. And remember there is no annual fee.

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Discover it® Balance Transfer

If you are in the market for a balance transfer then having a metal credit card shouldn’t matter. You’ll want to save as much money as possible by getting the longest intro 0 APR rate on your balance transfer.

The Discover it Balance Transfer does just that by offering one of the longest balance transfer 0 APR rates available. And it doesn’t need to be a metal credit card to do that.

By utilizing a card with the longest 0 APR rate on balance transfers you give yourself that much time to pay off what you transfer over. And, as with all Discover cards, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on an annual fee either.

And you can still earn great cash back on all of the purchases that you make. Including Discovers bonus categories that change every quarter.

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Discover it® Miles

This is where the Discover metal credit card conversation gets heated. Because travel credit cards are one of the most popular ones to be given metal status.

The Discover it Miles card offers awesome travel rewards power. And of course you get it for no annual fee.

While it may lack all of the bells and whistles of the top tier travel credit cards you get simple and easy. And Discover will match all the miles you earn in your first year. Pretty much their way of giving you a sweet signup bonus.

If you want a straight forward travel credit card that comes with Discovers awesome customer service then the Discover it Miles is worth looking at.

Even without being metal the Discover it Miles is a great travel credit card. But how does it stack up against the top tier travel cards? Find out through our best credit cards for travel page.

So Is The Discover it Card Metal?

Sadly the answer is no. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. With awesome rewards and great costumer service the Discover it Card lineup is worthy of being a metal card. You should take a look at all of the cards that they offer. Because in the end it’s not about having a metal credit card.

It’s about maximizing the money that you spend with it. And with Discover not charging an annual fee on any of their cards. You get to keep all of the sweet rewards that you earn.

Whether it’s cash back, a balance transfer, or travel rewards Discover has you covered. Sill not convinced, take a look at our Discover it Pros and Cons article.

Still Disappointed That There Is No Discover Metal Credit Card?

Then you should go ahead and check for yourself how the Discover Card lineup matches up with other metal credit cards. You can do this over at our best credit card offers of the year page.

This way you can see for yourself if a metal credit card is still worth it to you. Because in the end it is all about getting the most out of a credit card that you can. Whether it is a metal credit card or not.

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