Citi Private Pass: Presale Tickets, Preferred Seats, VIP Experiences, and More for Citi Card Holders

If you are thinking about or currently have a Citi credit card that displays the Visa, Mastercard, or American Express logo, or a Citi debit card that displays the Mastercard logo, than you could have access to Citi Private Pass. A free program that can get you extra access to certain sporting events, live music, family entertainment, dining, and more. All for just having a card with the Citi logo on it. The Private Pass website is the central location to see the full list of events and information for what special benefits they are offering to Citi cardholders. See below for the main features that are included with Private Pass and how to access them if you are a participating Citi cardholder. Even if you do not currently have a Citi card you can still take a look at the Private Pass website to see what events are featured and the benefits that you could get.


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Citi Private Pass Concerts

With your Citi card you have access to certain presale tickets, preferred seating, VIP experiences, and more at some of the best events available. Citi also has a relationship with Live Nation to make this selection even bigger and better. Also, for some shows you can even get special discount ticket pricing not available to anyone else but Citi cardholders.


To take advantage of these features you need to visit and find the event you would like to attend. If you see the option to “buy tickets” on the Private Pass page then click it and you will be redirected to either or Once there your passcode to access your Citibank concert tickets is the first 6 digits of your card number. If you are directed to a separate event page other than Ticketmaster or Live Nation to purchase your tickets, then you will see you special passcode on the top on the Private Pass page where the event is featured.

Citi Presale Tickets

With your Citi Private Pass you could also have access to Citi cardmember presale tickets before they go on sale to the general public. If you find your event on the Private Pass page check to see if there are presale tickets available. You can then click on the “Buy Tickets” link and the Citi presale code to access your tickets is the first 6 digits on your card. If for some reason the passcode for Citi card presale tickets is different than the first 6 digits, it will give you the details for it on the Private Pass page for your event.

Citi Preferred Tickets

If available, you can also access preferred tickets that have been set aside specifically for Citi cardholders. Leaving more than just the nosebleeds available for you to see your favorite show. Just like before, you can find you event on the Private Pass webpage and if preferred tickets are available then the first 6 digits of your card number will give you access to your Citi cardmember preferred tickets.

Citi VIP Packages

For some select shows your Citibank Private Pass will give you access to VIP packages that could include anywhere from pre and post show parties, food and drink specials, and more. Visit your event page on the Private Pass site to find out the details of how to gain access to these special packages if they are available.

Your Citi Private pass access goes well beyond sporting events and live concerts. You can also get access to exclusive restaurant perks, reservations to shows that are fun for the whole family, and more. You can see everything that is available (again you don’t need to be a current cardholder to see what is being offered) on the Citi Prviate Pass page and let the planning begin.

The Citi Private Pass membership is included with your card and there is no fee for being a part of it. Visit their FAQ webpage for more information.