The Average Honeymoon Cost 2022

With tons of people getting married every year there are a ton of honeymoons being planned as well. Which is why it is quite easy to determine the average honeymoon cost. After all the long and hopefully not too stressful wedding planning months you deserve a vacation. And a honeymoon allows you and your new partner to go away to some exotic place and enjoy each other away from the rest of the world. Theres just one problem that most couples run into when planning a honeymoon. That’s the average honeymoon cost. After what is most likely a very expensive wedding it’s hard to have any budget left for a honeymoon. Especially the kind of honeymoon you dream of.

How Much Does A Honeymoon Cost

There are a few factors you have to take into consideration when finding out the cost of a honeymoon. Travel can actually be the most expensive part of a honeymoon. And consider that most honeymoons last about a week it’s hard to think that part that can last a matter of hours can be the most expensive is kind of hard to fathom. But air travel, especially long distances, can add up quickly. After that lodging can be expensive as well depending on where you stay.   After that you have to consider food and drinks while you are away along with any activities that you do as well. So how much does a honeymoon cost? Let’s take a look at the average price.

The Average Honeymoon Cost Is Between $4,600 and $6,200


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  • Round Trip Business Class Flight From Orlando To The Maldives – Normal Cost $18,000 – What Coupled Paid FREE
  • 4 Nights At The Baha Mar Hyatt In Nassau  Bahamas – Normal Cost $1,992 – What Couple Paid FREE
  • 3 nights At The Four Seasons Bora Bora – Normal Cost $10,450 – What Coupled Paid FREE
  • 4 Nights At The Park Hyatt St.Kitts/Nevis – Normal Cost $2,845 – What Couple Paid FREE
  • 3 Nights At The Four Seasons Paris – Normal Cost $6,485 – What Couple Paid FREE
  • Round Trip First Class Flight From Austin To Hawaii – Normal Cost $9,363 – What Couple Paid FREE

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Average Honeymoon Cost

Average Honeymoon Cost