How To Save Money On Gas Bill. Think Credit Over Cash

No matter what gas prices are, many people are wondering how to save money on gas. Many gas stations these days are offering gas at a discount if you pay with cash or your debit card. But before you put your rewards credit card back in your wallet, let’s take a look at what the real numbers and discounts are.

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Save Money On Gas With Your Credit Card

The price of a gallon of gas varies from place to place throughout the country. It is at the discretion of each gas vendor to determine the difference between cash and credit purchase prices, the same as it is for them to determine their own price per gallon. Take the average price of gas for your location and use that as your base cost. Now, let’s take a look at some gas rewards credit cards and see what they have to offer. You then see what the difference between the two prices has to be in order for the rewards gas credit card to come out ahead and save you money.

Look To Your Credit Card To Save Money On Gas

Next time you head to the pump to fill up, take a look at the difference between cash and credit prices. Even if the credit card you have comes out just $0.01 ahead, it is still money saved, and who doesn’t like that. Gas vendors have to pay a transaction fee each time a credit card is used, which is why they sometimes offer discounts for using cash. But don’t let the higher price per gallon scare you. Math doesn’t lie, and if the difference is less than what is listed, you end up coming out ahead, getting more miles per dollar.

Also check out the free Fuel Rewards Network from Shell to save even more money at the pump.