Capital One Platinum Card (Full Guide And Everything You Need To Know)

If you have less than an excellent credit score, are a fan of Capital One, and want to work on improving your credit score, then the Capital One Platinum is right for you. This card will gives you the ability to work on improving your credit score while also including some useful features to go along with it.

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Capital One Platinum Card Benefits


With the Capital One Platinum Card you will get access to the Capital One CreditWise profile, which gives you unlimited access to your credit score along with “what if” simulators to see what could possible happen if you make any changes to your credit in the future. You can also shop comfortably knowing you are protected by 0% fraud liability and also take advantage of the benefits that this Capital One Platinum MasterCard may offer. Benefits can include car rental insurance, extended warranties, 24 hour roadside assistance, and more.


Another benefit is that you can gain access to a higher credit line after you make your first 5 monthly payments on time. Making all of your payments on time is key to improving your credit, as well as trying to keep your balance below 30% of your credit limit.


You can also take advantage of Capital One’s mobile app, which gives you easy access to your account and your CreditWise profile whenever you need it. And you get all of these benefits with no annual fee.

Improving Your Credit Score With the Capital One Platinum Card


If you are working on improving your credit score than there is no reason that you should ever carry a credit card balance. Just make a couple purchases a month on your card each month and pay it off in full. Then watch your credit score improve over time. Your credit score is basically a grade on how well you pay back money that you borrow. As long as you make all of your payments in full and on time you should be well on your way to a better credit score.


Lastly, with the option to increase your credit limit after your first 5 months, you should be able to stay below 30% of your credit limit, further helping boost your score. As long as you stick to these simple tips, the Capital One Platinum Card should have you start seeing the credit score improvements you want sooner rather than later.