Top Choices If You Are Looking For Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards With Bad Credit And A $1,000 Limit

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If you are looking for guaranteed approval in the world of credit cards then you will be searching for a long time. Especially if it is something as specific as guaranteed approval for credit cards with bad credit and a $1,000 limit. But, there are still options that are available and give you the best chance of approval and you can probably get a $1,000 limit. The main option would be with secured credit cards. Secured credit cards require you you put down a deposit that usually acts as your credit limit. So if you have access to $1,000 then you can get approved for a secured credit card and have a $1,000 limit on it. After you have used your secured credit card to help improve your credit score to the level that you want it at, as long as you have paid off your balance on your card, then you will get your initial deposit back. Use our partnered CardMatch Program to find cards that give you a good chance at guaranteed approval with a $1,000 limit.

As far as unsecured cards and getting guaranteed approval with bad credit and a $1,000 limit it can be quite hard to do. First off, it is hard to predict what you credit limit will be on any unsecured credit cards. More often then not you won’t know your credit limit until after you are approved. And getting approved for an unsecured credit card with bad credit is quite difficult as well.

But we have options for you. You can go the secured credit card route in getting a guaranteed approval credit card with bad credit and a $1,000 limit. All you need to do is compare all of the available options, select the card that works best for you, fill out the applications, send in your deposit, and you will be good to go. Secured credit cards are actually a great option for people looking for guaranteed approval who have bead credit. Many of them comes with tools that help you monitor your credit score and show how much progress you are making and what else you can do to improve it. Here is what we think is the best option for a secured credit card that you can qualify for with bad credit and get a $1,000 limit.

The Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card is a great option if you are looking for a guaranteed approval credit card with a $1,000 limit for people with bad credit. Again, approval is not guaranteed with any credit card application, but if can put down a deposit then you increase you approval odds. This secured card reports to all major credit bureaus and they have helpful tools to help you monitor and improve your credit score along the way. Most secured credit cards do have an annual fee, but the fee for the Open Sky secured credit card is on the low end when it is compared to other cards.


Another option to consider is the Card Match Tool. It is a free option that allows you to enter some simple personal information and it generates credit card results that are being targeted towards you and your credit profile. If you are looking for a guaranteed approval credit card that has a $1,000 limit and you have bad credit then the Card Match Tool is a great place to start to see what options might be available. Again, just because a card shows up in your Card Match results does not mean that you are guaranteed to get approved. It just gives you options that you are most likely to qualify for. The best part is that there is no hard credit check when using this tool. So you can check your results as often as you want to see if there are any new offers.