Best Credit Cards For Fair Credit Instant Approval [2024]

When having fair credit it may seem that your credit card options are limited. Especially when it comes to getting an instant approval for one. But there are solutions to find credit cards for fair credit with instant approval so that you can work on getting your credit back on track and hopefully upgrading to a more rewarding credit card in the near future.


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Fair Credit Score


Having a fair credit score isn’t as bad at is seems. It just means that you need to do some work to improve it. Maybe there is something that is in your credit report that should not be there. Or you may have gone a little overboard with credit cards in the past and just need to come up with some better habits to help improve it. Ironically a new credit card can be a tool to help improve your credit. Getting approved for a new credit card seems to be a problem that a lot of people with fair credit run into. Credit cards for fair credit with instant approval allow you to get back on track as soon as possible.

Fair Credit Instant Approval Choices Are Not As Limited As You Think

You may think that because you have fair credit that your options are limited. While there are much more choices to choose from if you had a good to excellent credit score, there are still plenty of options to consider for people with fair credit. You can just go ahead and browse all of the best options that include credit cards for fair credit, find a card that you like and apply for it and you may get approved instantly. Some of these options may include a secured credit card, in which you put down a deposit that acts as your credit limit and it can be used it you fail to pay back what you charge on the card. While this approval process may not be instant, it is pretty quick and once you make your deposit you should be good to go. Or you can find an unsecured credit card, that doesn’t require a deposit and you can sometimes get instant approval once they do a quick check of your application. There is also the risk that you apply for the card you want and get denied as well.

There is one other option that can give you all of the credit cards for fair credit instant approval choices that you are most likely to qualify for and that is the CardMatch Tool. It helps take a lot of the guesswork out of knowing whether or not you will get approved. Note: Approval is not guaranteed, but your results are generated based on your credit profile so it only presents cards that it considers a good fit for you.

CardMatch Tool

Here at Casavvy we like to refer people to the CardMatch Tool whenever there is a questions about which credit cards they can get approved for. All you do is enter some simple information about yourself and credit cards offers are generated that are targeted towards your credit profile. This is a perfect solution for someone looking for credit card for fair credit with instant approval. If your CardMatch results generate a card that you like then you can apply for it right there and usually get an instant decision.

Now it’s important to remember that because you have a fair credit score your results may be limited. The point is not to find a rewarding credit card that fits all the needs that you have. You just want to get a new credit card that you can utilize to help improve your credit score. Then once your credit score improves you can come back and check the CardMatch Tool again and see if your options have changed. And hopefully there are some new better options in there.

Tips To Improving Your Fair Credit Score

  • Credit Utilization – You want to try and stay under 30% of your available credit limit. If you get approved for a credit card that has a limit of $500 then you never want to have more than a $150 balance on your card at a given time. If you find that you are approaching that number than simple make a payment to bring your balance back down.
  • Pay Your Bill On Time – Missing a payment is a big no no when trying to improve your credit score. Set reminders, email alerts, etc to help keep you on track and remember when your credit card payment is due. Even just making the minimum payment on time is much better than missing your due date. Although not paying off your balance in full will result in interest charges which is something you want to avoid altogether.
  • Avoid Applying For New Types Of Credit – Kind of counterintuitive since you just applied for a new credit card, but you want to keep it to a minimum. You need the new credit card to utilize it to improve your credit but that should be all that you do as far as new credit lines. Each time you apply for a new credit line your credit score takes a tip. Adding more credit will continue the hits your credit score takes.

Give It Time

If you follow all of the rules and stick to a plan then you will start to see your credit score improve. It make months or even a year, but you can’t go wrong if you follow all the things you need to regarding using a credit card to help improve your credit score. Many times credit cards have tools that are included that will help you monitor your credit score and give you additional tips on how to improve it. If your new credit card has these then use them. So go ahead and take a look at what your options are for credit cards for fair credit instant approval are and get on your way to a better credit score.