Westgate Credit Card Review 2023

If you are a big fan of Westgate and their resorts then we think that you would agree the Westgate credit card is worth taking a looking at. 


At the time of this writing the offer for the Westgate credit card is no longer available. 

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By Matthew Coan


Westgate Rewards Credit Card



The Westgate Rewards Mastercard earns rewards on many of the everyday items that you buy. You also earn a great rewards rate on any Westgate purchases that you make as well. 


These could include all onsite purchases for merchandise or services at all Wastage locations. 


This card is a good fit for anyone who likes to vacation at Westgate properties a lot. Or is maybe think about investing in a timeshare at a Westgate property. 


Or if you are someone who likes to vacation mainly within the continental US. 


Even if you just plan on staying at a Westgate hotel, and not opt for a timeshare investment, then the Westgate Card may be a good fit. 



Signup Bonus


The Westgate credit card does come with a signup bonus opportunity. Although it is not a lucrative as other cards. 


In order to obtain the signup bonus you need to spend a certain amount on your new Wastage card within a certain timeframe. 


Then your signup bonus will be applied and you can use it to redeem in a handful of different ways. 



Annual Fee


There is no annual fee for the Westgate credit card. Which is nice because that means that you get the most out of every dollar that you spend on it. 


Cards that come with annual fees usually have more reward earning power and included benefits. 


But because you are using a Westgate branded card, and it has no annual fee, you get the best of both worlds. 


Stretching the money that you spend on it as far as you can. 



Timeshare Payments


The Westgate card, which is issued by Comentiy Bank, allows you to use it to pay your time share fees and earn rewards in the process. 


This may prove very beneficial because your timeshare fees are something that you are going to have to pay for every month. 


And if you can earn rewards for money that you were going to spend anyways then it is a win win situation. 


On top of that you can then use the rewards that you earn on your next trip to a Westgate resort or hotel. 





Usually with a resort or hotel branded credit card you would have some sort of perks associated with it. 


Unfortunately that is not the case with the Westgate branded card. There are no offers for upgraded rooms or late check out. 


You do however get preferred check-in when booking your room with your Westgate card. Which could provide some additional value. 


If it is added benefits that you are looking for then there are many general travel credit card options that can provide this. 





Outside of the modest signup bonus that is available you do have the opportunity to earn Westgate rewards on many of your everyday purchases. 


These could include things like gas and groceries. Along with all of you Westgate property purchases as well. 


Even purchases outside of the bonus categories that are available earn rewards. So if you are a true Westgate fan then this may be your go to credit card for all of your everyday purchases. 


There are however more general travel credit cards that offer much higher rewards rates and signup bonuses. 


If you find that you don’t find much value in the Westgate credit card then a more generalized travel rewards credit card may be a better choice. 




How To Redeem Westgate Credit Card Rewards


This is where the Westgate credit card is lacking compared to other travel credit cards. 


You can use the Westgate rewards that you earn towards certificates that can then be applied to future hotel stays or timeshare payments. 


So you are very limited in what you can use them for. 


But if you use the Westgate card for all of your everyday spending, then these certificates can add up quickly. And then be applied to hotel stays or timeshare payments. 


There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn. But be aware that there may be an expiration or any Westgate points that you don’t use over a certain time period. 


Other travel credit cards don’t have these restriction. May of them allow you to use your rewards for whatever travel expenses you have. 


And your rewards will never expire. 


If you want to see the best options head on over to our best travel rewards credit cards page for all the best options. 



Westgate Credit Card Pre Approval


As of now there is no pre approval option for the Westgate card. And you need to have a decent credit score to get approved. 


If would be beneficial to know your current credit score before applying to increase your approval odds of getting accepted. 


There are other options you can consider if you are looking for a pre approval credit card offer. 


The CardMatch Tool is a 100% free resource and you just simple enter some simple information and it gives you credit card offers that are being targeted towards you and your credit profile. 


You can read our full review on the CardMatch Tool for more information. 





If you are a true die hard fan of Westgate and their hotels or timeshares then the Westgate credit card may be a good fit. 


If you find that you like to visit other properties or venture outside on North America, then a more general travel credit card may be a better option. 


Between the limited rewards redemption options and the lack of benefits that you get with the Westgate card another travel credit may be a better option. 


But if you are already a timeshare owner at Westgate, or if you solely visit their properties on vacation, then the Westgate credit card is worth looking at. 


It does come with no annual fee so you have little downside to trying it out if you are seriously interested. 


About the author: Matthew Coan is the founder of Casavvy and a credit card expert. He has appeared in various media outlets including Yahoo, Credit Karma, Market Watch, Mens Journal, and more. Continue reading


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