Is The Capital One SavorOne Card Metal In 2024?

Is the Capital One SavorOne metal? It is an upper level cash back credit card so you would expect it to be so. You get top of the line cash back on entertainment and dining purchases. A huge cash back rate on certain delivery services. Plus it’s older sibling, the Capital One Savor Card is a metal credit card.


Even though it comes with no annual fee you would think that the status would be passed down to make the Capital One SavorOne a metal credit card.


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capital one savorone


  • Top cash back card for dining and entertainment purchases
  • Awesome value for a no annual fee card
  • And more

Is The Capital One SavorOne Metal?

Unfortunately when it comes to being part of the metal credit card club, the Capital One SavorOne is not metal. It is plastic like most other credit cards. But that does not mean it doesn’t make up for it with the rewards and benefits that it offers.


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Why Isn’t The SavorOne Card Metal?

The most likely reason is cost to create the card for the issuer. With the Capital One SavorOne being a no annual fee card it makes sense that they create it in plastic like most other cards.


But it hasn’t been until recently that metal cards have become more popular. The cards that are metal today still have the same great benefits and rewards that they did when they were plastic. So that doesn’t mean that just because the SavorOne Card is plastic that it won’t be worth it.



Capital One SavorOne Benefits


The Capital One SavorOne card is a great cash back credit card. You get to take advantage of included perks like

  • Travel benefits
  • Shopping benefits
  • Entertainment benefits
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Balance transfer offers
  • And more


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Capital One SavorOne Rewards


Don’t think that because the SavorOne lacks having metal status that you miss out on earning some great cash back rewards. You get to take advantage of bonus categories such as

  • Entertainment purchases
  • Dining
  • Takeout orders
  • Popular streaming services
  • Grocery stores
  • And more


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Capital One SavorOne Signup Bonus


Just because the Capital One SavorOne cash rewards credit card isn’t metal doesn’t mean it’s lacking when it comes to a sign-up bonus. It def has one and it’s competitive with other cards in the same category.


And remember that there is no annual fee. So if you meet the spending requirement in the given amount of time then the full signup bonus offer is yours to keep.



Balance Transfers


If you are still worried about the SavorOne card not being metal then you may be convinced that it is worth it’s weight if you are interested in a balance transfer. It does offer a 0 APR balance transfer and the timeframe that it includes is competitive compared to other cards that are solely focused on balance transfers.



Capital One Travel


Even with the SavorOne card not being metal you still get access to Capital One travel. This is where you can shop and compare prices for pretty much all of your travel needs. Capital One makes it simple and easy and even offers ways to find the absolute best price possible.


And with the SavorOne card you get huge bonus cash back bonus on certain travel purchases that you make through Capital One Travel.



How Does The SavorOne Stack Up Against Other Cash Back Cards?


If you find that you do a lot of spending on dining and entertainment then the SavorOne card is a great option. This is because of the cash bonus categories that it offers. If you don’t do a lot of spending in these categories then you may want to check out some other cash back credit cards that are available.


They may not all be metal but you can still find huge value if you match well with one that meets your spending habits.





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The Capital One Savor Card Is Metal


If it is a metal credit card that you really want and the benefits and rewards of the SavorOne are of high value to you then look at its older sibling, the Capital One Savor Card.


Capital One Savor Card


The Capital One Savor cash rewards credit card does come with an annual fee. But it also takes the rewards and benefits of the SavorOne card up another level too. So you need to weigh out your options and if you can justify the annual fee, then stepping up to the metal Savor Card may be worth it.


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Is The Capital One SavorOne Metal Conclusion


If you had your hopes up that the Capital One SavorOne was metal we hope you are not too disappointed. It is still a great cash back credit card that comes with tons of rewards and benefits. Many people just want a metal credit card as a status symbol and they don’t put much thought into the value that they get out of it.


But with the SavorOne card you get plenty of value and it may actually become your go to credit card for all of your daily expenses. You work hard for your money so you deserve to get the most out of it. And the Capital OneSavorOne card might just be the best way to do it.






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